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10 February 2008 @ 04:33 pm
Charlie, Neftali, and Nicci: Cookie Soup  
Who: Charlie Dickens, Neftali Neruda, Nicci Ingres
Where: Neftali's apartment
When: the morning after their last scene

Neftali wakes up before he opens his eyes, mind slowly starting to shift from dreams to reality. Someone is breathing against his neck-- warm, humid breath. The same someone is sleeping half on top of him. He opens his eyes slowly, blinking to focus them. He can't really see who's lying on top of him, so he turns his face a little. Nicci's head is on his other shoulder, his hand curled up against his chest, leg wound over his, sleeping tight against his side. So it must be Charlie who's sleeping on top of him. He smiles to himself and closes his eyes again, shifting a bit against the bed, stretching while trying not to wake either of them.

Nicci breathes out a soft, almost childish sigh. He nestles in closer, closes his mouth, and then seems to settle back into sleep. His lips part again. After a moment, he speaks - several soft, murmured words. "You forgot your snow shoes, baby."

Neftali's eyes shut tighter. He bites the inside of his lower lip, trying to keep from laughing, but it doesn't quite work. His chest gives a bit of a shudder before he gets it under control.

Charlie stirs at that, sniffling and shutting his mouth. His leg slides up Neftali's and he pushes on his chest, lifting up a bit. He looks down at Neftali, blinks at him, bleary-eyed, through a tangle of hair, and then drops back down against him again, curling in a little more tightly. He draws his curled fist toward his mouth, pressing the curl of it to his lips and looking for all the world like he's sucking his thumb.

Nicci's hand opens, stroking Neftali's skin gently. He's sleepy and heavy, and he sniffles a bit, as if he might have caught Charlie's cold. "We were in Alaska," he murmurs, in that sleep-heavy voice. "Remember?" He taps Neftali's chest, as if trying to get him to respond.

Neftali nods. "Mmhmm." His hand goes to Nicci's hair, dragging through it slowly. "I remember." He has a bit of a laugh in his voice. It's like waking up covered in fluffy baby kittens. His other arm curls around Charlie, his hand fitting against his hip.

Charlie yawns, jaw stretching. He gives a little moan with it and turns his face, burrowing it against Neftali's bare chest before settling back in. He gropes for a blanket, pulling it up high on his shoulder again.

Nicci smiles softly, his cheeks creasing with his dimples. "Champagne," he murmurs. "With bubbles." He yawns suddenly, squeaking with it, and then opens his eyes. He blinks, hazy and sleepy. "Hmm?"

"I've never had champagne." Charlie's voice is low, rough and throaty. It's a bit sexy, really, but it's just because he's sick. He's mostly asleep, his mind thick and fuzzy with germs and dreams. "I haven't done a lot of things." His hand opens against Neftali's chest and he pats it. "I hear you're good at that." He's referring to blowjobs. He assumes it's obvious.

Neftali laughs softly. "Am I? Thank you." He's not sure what Charlie's talking about. Being in Alaska, maybe. He turns his head and looks at Nicci, fingers still sliding through his thick dark hair, leaving it sticking up. "Buenos dias."

"Good morning," Nicci whispers. His eyes are warm, still with that sleepy look about him. "You're so warm," he murmurs, and turns his face to kiss Neftali's shoulder softly. "This is my favorite place to be."

Charlie pries his eyes open and looks at Nicci from across Neftali's chest. He smiles at him faintly and then sighs, sliding off of Neftali and rolling onto his side to give them a bit of privacy. That's when he notices something. He opens his eyes again-- a little more awake now, and looks down, as if it should be visible through the blanket.

Neftali rolls onto his side, arms sliding around Nicci. He drags him up so that they're face to face and kisses him warmly.

Nicci returns the kiss, touching his hand to Neftali's cheek and then sinking his fingers back into his hair. He moves in close, fitting his body against Neftali's. He feels wonderful. He sucks softly on Neftali's full upper lip, and then pulls his mouth away slightly. "Talk to me in Spanish, please," he murmurs, because he loves the sound of it.

Neftali smiles. He kisses him again, catching at his lips, plucking at them. Light, teasing, nuzzling kisses. His hand slides down Nicci's back, sliding lower and fitting behind his thigh, drawing his leg up over Neftali's hip. "You're so beautiful when you're sleeping that I forget that you're even more beautiful when you're awake." He kisses him again, murmuring in Spanish, his voice low. "I missed you. I dreamed about you. We were on the beach and you were laughing. My beautiful Nicci."

Charlie closes his eyes, cheeks flushing. He can hear them kissing behind him, can hear Neftali murmuring in Spanish. He doesn't want to interrupt them. He's half-afraid that getting out of bed would draw attention to himself and he's not wearing any jeans. He lifts the blanket delicately and looks down. He's swollen beneath his thin underwear. He drops the blanket back into place and blushes vibrantly.

Nicci makes a soft sound against Neftali's mouth - pleasure, approval. He moves in, his hips rubbing against Neftali's slightly, pulling Neftali in by the leg he has wrapped over him. He kisses Neftali again, letting his tongue touch to Neftali's, tasting his mouth. He opens his eyes and peeks over Neftali's shoulder at Charlie. "Do you think he's sleeping?" he whispers. "Charlie?"

Charlie squeezes his eyes shut. This is horrible. He doesn't want to get up and let them know. It just happens sometimes. It's not that he was sleeping on Neftali. Not at all. It's just... it happens. He bites his lip, lying still because he's too nervous to do otherwise.

Neftali listens for Charlie to answer, head cocked a bit, and then turns his full attention back to Nicci. He nods. If Charlie were awake, he would have said something. His hand goes to Nicci's hip, kneading it lightly as he kisses him again.

Nicci shifts towards Neftali's hand, moaning softly against his lips. His hand traces down Neftali's arm, skimming over lightly toned muscles. They should probably go somewhere - the shower, or something. But the bed is so warm, and Nicci doesn't feel like leaving it.

Charlie's asleep. They'll be quiet. Neftali rolls, moving on top of Nicci, hips settling between his. They roll against him through layers of fabric. His mouth breaks with his, head nuzzling his head aside so that he can press warm, softly sucking kisses to the side of his throat.

Charlie's dying. His eyes are shut so tightly they're probably inside out. They're going to have sex. Right there. Which is their prerogative. It's Neftali's bed that he's sleeping in, and Neftali can do whatever he wants in it, but... Charlie shifts a bit uncomfortably, praying they don't notice. He lets out a long, silent breath.

Nicci tilts his head, eyes sinking closed, his back arching. He breathes out a moan, his fingers sliding down Neftali's back, tracing down. His leg crosses over Neftali's back, and he tangles one hand in Neftali's hair. "Mmm... Neftali." He's quiet, barely making a sound at all, mouthing it more than speaking.

Neftali draws his tongue up the side of Nicci's throat, stopping to bite softly at his jaw. His hips press more firmly against his. He nuzzles Nicci's ear, whispering Spanish nothings against it, barely a whisper. His hand moves from Nicci's hips, sliding between them to work the fastenings of Nicci's jeans undone. He slides the zipper down, fingers slipping inside.

Charlie can feel the bed shift. He has an idea of what's going on. He swallows hard and tries to think of a song. Twinkle twinkle little... His eyes open. A little flare of panic shoots through him. No no no no... He gasps, eyes shutting, and then lets out a loud sneeze.

Nicci jumps, surprised, and looks over at Charlie, his eyes going a little wide. His body is still rolling, arching up against Neftali's, and his eyes sink closed for a moment before he manages to react properly. "Charlie?" He reaches out and taps Charlie's shoulder lightly. "Are you awake?"

Neftali looks over at Charlie, his hand sliding out of Nicci's jeans. He sits up a little, not entirely pleased to be interrupted, but understanding. "Charlie?"

Charlie's eyes are squeezed tightly shut again. He sniffles and then opens his eyes, forcing himself to react. He props himself up on his elbow, turning his head to look at Nicci and Neftali as though it was the sneeze that woke him up. "Morning," he grumbles. His heart is pounding. He sits up, swings his legs over the side of the bed, and stands up, shuffling to the bathroom in his flannel shirt and low briefs, as if the swell in the front of them is nothing. As if he doesn't even know it's here. He could die.

Nicci drops back against the mattress. He hardly even thinks anything of it - he woke up in the same state, after all. Warmth and bodies pressing close, it's bound to happen. But now he's all tangled up with Neftali, and Neftali's hand had just been down his pants, and Nicci... certainly has no interest in waiting. He reaches out, touching Neftali's cheek and turning his face back to Nicci, catching his lips hotly. His other hand sinks down, fitting against Neftali through the thin material of his scrubs, rubbing slowly.

Neftali moans against his mouth-- a bit louder now, but still muted. He kisses him back with heat, passion, hips rolling down against Nicci's hand. He doesn't want to stop now and Nicci's not stopping him and Charlie doesn't seem to mind. His fingers curl in the waistband of Nicci's tight jeans and he tugs them down Nicci's hips a bit roughly out of necessity. His fingers glide against bare skin.

Charlie glances at them before he shuts the bathroom door and blushes a bit. Goodness. He looks at himself in the mirror with his tangled dark hair and his flushed cheeks and red nose and... He clears his throat. Maybe he'll take a shower. It's been a while since he's had a good hot shower. He turns the water on.

Nicci's just as rough - nails biting into Neftali's skin, all friction and heat. His breath is hot, heavy. He drags Neftali's scrubs down from his hips, his back arching and his fingers tugging on Neftali's hair slightly. He hears the shower running, and to him, it means he can moan louder. He does, head tipping back with it, nails scratching across the small of Neftali's back.

Neftali sucks on Nicci's jaw when he tips his head back, teeth gliding against it. He works his legs the rest of the way out of his scrubs and kicks them off the end of the bed. It's been too long since he's had Nicci. He's starving for him. He and Edward... but Nicci's a different animal. Different entirely. His hand leaves Nicci and he sits up a bit, peeling Nicci's jeans the rest of the way off, leaving him bare. He slides on top of him, bodies touching skin to skin. He slides his fingers in his hair, tugging on it to tip his head to the side. He bites down on Nicci's neck softly, sucking, trying not to leave marks that will be slow to disappear. His hips rub against Nicci's.

Nicci's knees tighten on Neftali's sides, and he gasps breathlessly, completely responsive - every last touch and kiss, his body arches towards it, seeking more contact. He turns his head, pressing soft, desperate kisses to Neftali's lips, his chin, his jaw. Those seeking, almost worshipful things - showing he needs Neftali. The first boy he ever chose to sleep with - ever wanted. And there have been so many boys. But Neftali is different. Nicci's lips are soft against Neftali's jaw, fluttering kisses. "Neftali," he whispers, and then his breath catches. "Oh... please..."

Neftali's hand is touching to him, fingers wrapped around him, stroking. In the back of his mind, he can hear the shower running, but he wouldn't stop now even if it wasn't. His hand leaves Nicci, arms sliding under his knee, pulling it up. Adjusting him. He moans against Nicci's ear and bites it softly. His other hand rises to his mouth and he licks his palm. Fingers sliding under Nicci, touching to him, readying him. His fingers press into him and then draw out. A moment later, he pushes into him, slow and hot. He moans, breathless with it.

Nicci gasps, his body tightening at first because it feels so good. With other men, he can lay back, never tensing up at all, but with Neftali he goes rigid as a board for a moment, as if the pleasure turns him to stone. He relaxes, legs winding around him, arms knotting around Neftali's neck. Holding on. Nicci always does - clings, as if Neftali might stop, might get up and leave. He breathes out moans, low and luxurious, his hips rolling to meet Neftali's.

Neftali rocks into him, taken away for a moment by the pleasure of it. The electricity that their two bodies create. He moans-- hot and wanting, head tipping back for a moment. He brings his face down to kiss the corner of Nicci's mouth, his jaw. He kisses his throat, this one leaving a mark.

Nicci tilts his head back, letting Neftali leave that mark, lips parted and breath coming in short pants. He pushes up suddenly and rolls them - it makes Neftali go even deeper, and Nicci bites his lip. He sits up on Neftali's hips, his hands splayed on Neftali's chest, and rises up, keeping the same rhythm they had before as his hips roll back down. He licks his lips, his dark eyes sex-laced as he looks down at Neftali, rising and sinking over him.

Neftali's eyes are dark, traveling up Nicci's body. Lingering before his eyes flick back up to his. He holds his eyes, lips parted, breath heavy. His hands go to Nicci's hips, fingertips pressing to his skin. His hips rise against him, body arching.

Nicci moans, low and hot, rolling down on Neftali, his pace slowly building. He's not ashamed of the brand on his hip, of the scar across his stomach. Not with Neftali. With Gian, these things were just there to always remind him of what he really was, of the fact that Gian was from a different world. But Neftali knows, and Neftali cares for him anyway. Neftali wants him anyway. Nicci's head tips back suddenly, as his break takes him by surprise - his movements have caused Neftali to hit a sweet spot, and it sends sudden jerking shocks all through Nicci's body, making him tighten up and shout as his release hits him.

Charlie comes out of the bathroom just then, wrapped in a towel. His cheeks flush vibrantly, mouth falling open. He turns around and steps into the bathroom, shutting it behind him. He leans against it and shuts his eyes. "Sorry," he whispers, even though no one can hear him.

Neftali doesn't notice him. He's swept up in Nicci's release, in the way his body tightens and arches, the shout in his throat a few more movements, and he's lost himself, writhing, moaning, pulling Nicci's hips down against his and holding him there. "Nicci," he gasps, his breath stolen from him.

"Oh - Neftali," Nicci moans, struggling slightly against Neftali's hold, lifting up a bit and then sinking back down, his nerves all sparking with it, his body taut and tensed with pleasure. His fingers curl on Neftali's chest, scratching. He opens his eyes, panting, looking down at Neftali as he comes down, and shakes his head. "Mmph." He leans in, catching Neftali's lips hotly, kissing him.

Neftali kisses him back, catching at his mouth. He presses up into him again slowly and wraps his arms around him, rolling again on the rumpled sheets so that he's on top. His hips roll against him a few more times, wringing those final few jolts of pleasure from their twined bodies. He nuzzles his cheek.

Nicci moans softly, touching Neftali's cheek, eyes sinking closed for a moment before they open again. "Mm, Neftali, only... only you. You're the only boy..." Gian doesn't count. Gian can't count. Gian never really wanted him. It was all a lie.

Neftali smiles down at him and catches at his lips. He pulls out of him slowly, making a soft, bereft sound when his body is free of him. He bites Nicci's lower lip gently and sucks on it for a moment. "I've missed you," he whispers.

"I missed you too," Nicci murmurs. "I won't stay away so long anymore. Just... a lot of stuff happened. This... This boy was messing with one of my clients, so I jumped him, and he... sent some people and had them kick my ass, I guess. I was laid out for a while, and then... then I met Charlie, and was teaching him everything."

Neftali's brow furrows. "Someone hurt you?" He smoothes a hand over the side of Nicci's face. "Are you alright? What happened? Who was it?" He shouldn't get tangled up in such things, but he can't help but worry for Nicci.

"This boy... He's sort of a hustler, kind of. He was working over one of my clients, and I... scared him a bit, pulled a knife. I wasn't actually going to do anything, I just bluff a lot. I didn't even... do anything to him, really. But he must be connected, because these huge guys in a black car showed up, and they... they knew how to fight. Scary karate fight. I got the message, anyway."

Neftali looks troubled. He smoothes the back of his fingers along Nicci's cheek. He can't save him all the time. He can't change him. So he nods and sits up, looking toward the bathroom. The shower's not running. "We shouldn't leave Charlie trapped in there forever." He leans over the end of the bed to get his scrubs and picks up Nicci's jeans, handing them to him.

Nicci pulls on his jeans, easing them over his hips, still sensitive. He zips them up, and then clears his throat. "Charlie?" he calls. "You can come out."

Charlie opens the bathroom door and peers out, as if it might be some sort of trap. He's in his underwear again and his worn gray flannel, unbuttoned. He comes out of the bathroom, his hair drying in heavy curls, and walks over to the radiator without quite looking at Nicci or Neftali. "I used some of your shampoo." He pulls his jeans off of the radiator and wiggles into them, eyes lowered.

Neftali smiles at him. "It's alright." He's cross-legged on the bed. He glances at Nicci.

Nicci watches him. He suddenly feels his stomach turn cold. Charlie won't look at him. Charlie's angry. He's lost him. Of course he would. He looks down, and irrationally - insanely - his eyes well up with tears, heavy and bitter. He presses his wrists to his eyes and squeezes them shut. "Fuck."

Neftali slides toward Nicci, looking concerned again. He touches his arm. "Nicci, what's wrong? Are you alright? Nicci..."

Charlie had made a move toward Nicci immediately when Nicci started crying, but he's intercepted by Neftali. He follows up a bit lamely, moving closer to Nicci, but still hanging back. He's not the boyfriend here. He's just some hanger-on. He chews on his lip.

He shakes his head and rubs at his eyes, then lifts them to Charlie, though his tears still flow down his cheeks. "Please don't be mad at me," he says, watery and a bit pathetic. "I'm sorry, Charlie, I didn't mean... Don't go, please?"

Charlie almost doesn't realize that he's talking to him until he says his name. "Me?" He looks a little confused. "Why... Nicci, why on earth would I be mad at you?" He does move closer now, sinking down to his knees in front of Nicci. "I'm not mad at you." He shakes his head. "I'm not going to leave you."

Nicci shakes his head, dragging in an unsteady breath, shaking and childish. His eyes overflow again, and he squeezes them shut. "I don't want to lose you already, you're the only friend I've ever had. Please, please forgive me. I shouldn't have... made you wait in the bathroom while Neftali and I... I'm sorry, Charlie..."

Neftali moves away. This isn't his to interfere with. He glides discretely off of the end of the bed and moves into the kitchen to fix some breakfast.

Charlie crawls closer, reaching up both hands to wipe at Nicci's cheeks, swiping at his tears, smoothing them back into his hair. "No. No, Nicci, it's okay. I understand. I took a really nice shower, and I u-underst-stand that you like Neftali, and that you wanted to be with him. It's okay. I just... I..." He licks his lips. "I w-walked in at the wrong moment, and... I was embarrassed. That's all."

Nicci opens his eyes, big and glittering with tears, looking lost - an abandoned child, terrified. His hand go to Charlie's shoulders, weaving into his shirt, clinging. "Don't be, please... Please, don't go away. You're my only friend."

Charlie shakes his head, holding Nicci's face in his hands. "I'm not going to leave you. Not ever. Not for good, anyway. I'm not going to go away. You're... you're my best friend, Nicci. I would be dead without you. I'm not mad at you." He brings his face up, kissing Nicci's lips lightly, then wraps his arms around him, hugging him.

Nicci curls in, sobbing softly and wrapping his arms around Charlie in return. It's the most vulnerable he can ever remember being. Ever. Not since he was a toddler, not since his father threw him out. He hasn't cried this way, begged not to be left. It frightens him. He sniffles, trying to compose himself. "I'm sorry, I... I don't... don't want to lose you. I'm sorry I'm crying like a baby. I'm... losing people scares me a lot."

Charlie shifts, crawling up onto the bed and lying down, pulling Nicci down with him. He holds him close, all tangled up with him, and slides his fingers through his hair. "It's okay. I'm not going to kick you out or walk out on you, okay? I promise. I swear on everything that I have, I'm not going to leave you like that, okay?"

"We're homeless, baby, you don't have very much," Nicci says, with a watery laugh. But he nods, sniffling, nuzzling at Charlie's shoulder. "Okay. I'll never leave you either. We'll always stick together."

Charlie draws back, looking at Nicci. He brushes his hair back and wipes the tears from his cheek with his thumb. "Always always. We're going to have an apartment with a gray cat, remember?" He smiles, his thumb brushing the corner of Charlie's mouth.

Nicci nods, touching his fingers to Charlie's cheek and then lifting up to kiss his cheek softly. "Always." Nicci breathes in deep, calmed down, and he closes his eyes once more and mops up his cheeks with the corner of one of the blankets. "I'm okay now. I think. Thanks. Sorry, I... you know."

"I know," Charlie says softly. He strokes Nicci's hair lovingly, curled close to him on the bed. He could almost go back to sleep like this. He closes his eyes, breathing slowing.

Neftali looks at the bed, at the two of them curled into a little nest on it. He smiles to himself and goes back to stirring oatmeal. "Breakfast is almost ready if you want it. Or you could go back to sleep."

Nicci stirs, and then touches Charlie's damp curls. "Baby, Neftali made us breakfast. You should eat up. Need to eat to get rid of that cold, okay?" A cold is a bad thing to have when you're on the streets, Nicci knows. Long hours out in the freezing cold, starving, and illnesses have done boys in - Nicci's seen it happen too many times.

Charlie pries his eyes open and looks at Nicci, then lets them sink closed again. He sighs. It takes him a moment to push himself up. "Mmkay. Breakfast, and then I should get back out. I didn't make any money yesterday." He sniffles and wipes his nose, then slides from the bed, moving into the kitchen. "What did you make?"

"Sopa de galleta." Neftali smiles at him. "Cookie soup. It's oatmeal and all sorts of tasty things." It smells like heaven. Cinnamon and a bit of nutmeg, brown sugar, all the heavy, warm things that belong in cookies. He gets a bowl and serves some up to Charlie, putting a spoon in it and handing it to him. "It will stick with you for a while out there. Though you're welcome to stay here while you're getting better."

Nicci frowns a bit at Charlie, not wanting him to go out so soon with that cold. "Why don't you go to Tennessee's?" he says, lifting his brows. Charlie had told him about the man, and Nicci thinks he sounds like a good sort of guy to go to when Charlie doesn't feel well. "He sounded like he wanted to be a regular."

Charlie frowns back at Nicci, swaying a bit. He takes a bite of his oatmeal. It's surprisingly good. "I'd rather sneeze on someone I didn't like and take money from them than look ugly near him and not want to take his money. Ever."

Neftali carries two bowls over to the bed, handing one to Nicci and dropping onto the bed next to him, taking a bite of the oatmeal. This is something else he's not going to interfere in. He'll let Nicci play the daddy figure on this one.

Nicci wrinkles his nose, stirring his oatmeal and then taking a spoonful. It is delicious. He smiles, and turns to Neftali, leaning in to kiss the corner of his mouth. "It's yummy, thank you," he says. He looks back to Charlie, but he doesn't know what to say to him. Charlie's going to do what he wants to do, no matter what Nicci says. "Alright, just... try to stick to warm places, please? And if you don't get a place for the night, come meet me here. Don't sleep outside when you're sick." Nicci worries about Charlie. The boy isn't very street-smart, he fears. He wants to protect him.

Charlie nods. He's been thinking about Tennessee a lot, actually, but he's afraid to go back there. He'll get attached. He's already attached. He already thinks about Tennessee more than he should. He takes a bite from his oatmeal to keep from having to say anything.

Neftali eyes Charlie. "Charlie," he says softly. "Look at me." He waits until he looks up and then holds his eyes. "If you ever need anything-- if you're hurt or you're sick or it's too cold outside or you haven't eaten in a while, you can always come here, okay? I mean that." He likely won't have the same sort of relationship with Charlie that he does with Nicci, but he feels that need to take care of him. To watch after him. He's something precious.

Nicci leans his cheek on Neftali's shoulder, smiling a bit. Neftali's good. He's not rich, but he offers to take them in when they need it anyway - takes care of them. "Thank you for being so good to us, Neftali," he says. He thinks he's going to spend the day here. He needs a break. Needs to spend time with Neftali, needs to paint.

Neftali tips his cheek against Nicci's hair, and squeezes his thigh lightly, then turns his face to kiss to top of Nicci's head. "You're welcome." He burrows his nose against his hair and closes his eyes. They should shower. He wants him under the water, wants to run his fingers through his hair and wash everything away. He turns his face toward Charlie again, keeping his cheek on Nicci's hair. "I might need to go to the market if you're staying for lunch." It's his way of asking how long they're going to be with him today.

It makes Charlie ache a little, how affectionate they are with each other. It makes his heart feel a little hollow. Lonely. He smiles anyway and shakes his head as he finishes his bowl of oatmeal. "No. I should head out. It's good to be out during the lunch hour." Though what most people ask him to do to them on their lunch break, he avoids doing.

Nicci nods, though not enough to disturb Neftali's cheek resting on his hair. "But you'll come back if you don't spend the night with someone, right? I think I'm going to stay here today, I want to paint."

Charlie smiles again, lowering his eyes as he nods, as if he's focusing very hard on the last of the oatmeal in the bottom of the bowl. "Mmhmm." He'll find someone to spend the night with, even if it's a drunk bum sharing his subway car or a stray cat prowling in his alley. It's not what Nicci means, he knows, but he doesn't want to interrupt another night of Nicci and Neftali being together. He sets his bowl in the sink and takes a big drink of water. He wipes his mouth on his sleeve and sits on the floor to put on his socks and shoes.

Neftali slips his arm behind Nicci's back, turning his face to kiss his hair again. He smiles. He's glad Nicci's going to stay all day. He likes having him close like this, knowing he's safe.

Nicci curls into Neftali, leaning up for a kiss, sweet and affectionate. He can't get enough of him today. In the back of his mind, he feels something tugging - he needs a hit, is feeling the effects of going a night without it. But he wants to wait until Charlie is gone. The last thing he ever wants Charlie to see is that. To know what he goes, and to try it himself. Nicci would quit if he could. "Is it alright if I hang around today?" he asks, lips brushing Neftali's as he speaks. "I won't get in your way."

Neftali sets his bowl aside and winds both arms around Nicci, kissing him again softly. "Of course it's alright." He brushes his nose against his, voice low. He smiles. "It's alright if you get in my way, too."

Charlie looks at them. It's so intimate, the way they hold each other. More intimate than what Charlie had walked in on earlier. That had been passion. This is love. His cheeks flush and he looks back down at his boot, finishing tying it. He tucks the knife Nicci had given him in one boot, a rope of condoms in the other. His money gets divided between the two. He gets to his feet and pulls on his coat, winding his scarf around his neck. "I'll see you, then. Thank you, Neftali."

Nicci smiles at Charlie, and reaches out for his sleeve when he passes, pulling him in. He leans up and kisses Charlie lightly on the lips. "Find me soon, baby. And be careful."

Charlie returns the kiss lightly, one hand rising to touch to Nicci's hair, smoothing over it. And adoring sort of gesture. "I will." To both.

Neftali unwinds himself from around Nicci and stands. "I'll walk you to the door." He walks with Charlie, stopping by the bathroom for an instant before they get to the door. He holds out a little package of tissues. "You take care of yourself. Don't sleep in the cold," he says softly, seriously, holding Charlie's eyes. "You really are welcome here, whether Nicci's here or not." He leans toward him, putting a hand lightly on his side, and kisses the corner of his mouth. the kiss lingers a moment before he draws back. He opens the door, holding it open for him.

Charlie nods, sliding the tissues into his pocket. He smiles. "Thank you." He waves to Nicci and steps out into the hall, sliding his hands into his pockets as he walks down the hall. His smile fades. Alone again.
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