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10 February 2008 @ 04:02 pm
Charlie, Neftali, and Nicci: Kittens  
Who: Charlie Dickens, Neftali Neruda, Nicci Ingres
Where: The boardwalk, Neftali's apartment
When: a little while ago-ish

Nicci sighs, sitting on the railing of the boardwalk, bundled up but still shivering. He kicks his feet, pouting out at the lack of people on the boardwalk. He's thinking about going to Neftali's, though he hasn't been in a while. If no one comes around in the next hour, he figures he will, at least for a bit - just to warm up.

Charlie isn't exactly at his sexiest. He's wearing his thick dark gray coat with the missing button and has a scarf wrapped around his neck. The collar of his coat is up and his hands are jammed into his pockets. He keeps ducking his mouth and nose under the fabric of the scarf, but doesn't leave them covered for long. People usually want to see what they're buying. They probably want to see his face. Not that there's anyone out anyway. His nose is bright red and his lips are chapped, his cheeks red enough to match the tip of his nose. He sniffles. He might be getting a cold. That would be horribly unsexy. He's considering calling it a night and going to Tennessee's, but he needs money. He casts another pathetic glance around the boardwalk and narrows his eyes at a figure down the way. He moves toward it.

Nicci notices someone approaching out of the corner of his eye. He's rather scrawny and scrappy, perched on the railing, the knees of his jeans torn and his skin bright red under the fabric. He narrows his eyes, but the boardwalk is dark, and the snow obscures his vision. He shakes back his hair and hops down from the railing, and realizes it's Charlie. He grins, heading towards him with his hands in the pockets of his oversized coat. "You can't afford me," he says playfully.

Charlie smiles at Nicci. His dark curls are tousled, blown around by the wind. There are flecks of snow in his hair. "I thought maybe you would do pro bono work." It's soft, almost carried away by the wind. He grins and slides his hands out of his pockets to rub his cheeks. "Hey, you."

"Hey, baby," Nicci says, moving in to kiss Charlie lightly on his chapped lips. He steps back and breathes on his hands, shaking his head. "Fuck, it's freezing. You get anything tonight?"

Charlie smiles at the kiss on his lips. If his cheeks weren't already flushed with cold, he would probably blush a little. He looks away from Nicci, looking up and down the boardwalk. "No." He shakes his head and sniffles a bit. "Everyone's staying in tonight. Except us." He looks at Nicci. "You?"

"I got a little bit earlier," Nicci says, sniffing as well, his nose red. He reaches into his coat pocket, pulling out the crumpled-up bills. Twenty dollars. "Just sucked a guy off." He looks up to Charlie, and rubs his nose with the back of his wrist. "Wanna call it a night with me? Take you out to dinner."

Charlie looks at the twenty dollars, shifting his weigh, hands curled in his pockets. That's not something he's been asked to do yet. Sucking someone off. He's been avoiding it. He doesn't actually know how to do it and it makes him a little anxious. He looks up at Nicci with a smile. "I'll go to dinner, but you don't have to pay for me. You don't have to pay me to spend time with you."

"I know," Nicci says, tucking his hand back in his pocket and offering his arm to Charlie. "But I want to share with you." Nicci's never had someone to share with before. He always wanted to be the best, to be on top. The idea of sharing anything with anyone was laughable. But it feels good to look after someone besides himself. To give. "We can't get stuck outside tonight. It's too cold."

Charlie slides his arm through Nicci's. He sniffles again and takes his other hand out of his pocket, swiping at his nose. He shakes his head. "Way too cold." He looks over at Nicci. "Where are you going tonight?"

"I'm not sure. I was thinking about going to this guy's place. He's gorgeous," Nicci says. He's heading towards an all-night convenience store, where they have warm sandwiches for very cheap. "I keep my painting supplies there and stuff. You should come. He'll definitely let you stay. He's the nicest. And he doesn't expect anything, either."

Charlie's given up and burrowed his mouth and nose under his scarf. He says something, muffled, and then lowers the scarf to repeat it so that Nicci can actually hear it. "I wouldn't want to... to get in the way of anything." He licks his chapped lips.

"You wouldn't," Nicci says, shaking his head and laughing slightly. He pulls the door to the convenience store open and heads inside with Charlie. "You'll love him, he makes you feel so safe and warm. We can snuggle up with him. You wouldn't be in the way at all, I'd have my two favorite people."

It's such a relief to be in out of the cold. Charlie stomps the snow from his boots and brushes a hand over his hair, brushing some of the snow off. He keeps his arm linked with Nicci's, keeping him close. He smiles at that, studying a display of cookies near the door. Nicci's probably just saying that to be nice, but it warms him even more than the whirring heater inside the store does. "You don't think he would mind?" He looks at Nicci.

Nicci shakes his head, picking out a package of oatmeal cookies. "He's wonderful," Nicci says. He leans in close, and whispers in Charlie's ear. "He's the only guy who ever sucked me off. And it was good."

Charlie does blush at that. That prickly heat rising up from his neck and making his ears turn even more pink than they already are. He reaches up and tugs on his earlobe lightly. "I... I w-wouldn't know." He laughs a bit, studying the things on the shelf they're passing very intently. "If you don't think he'll mind... I could... I could find somewhere else, if... if you'd rather..." He clears his throat softly. "If you want to be alone with him, that's okay, really."
"No, stop," Nicci says, tugging on Charlie's ear lightly. "I can be alone with him any time I want. I want you to be there tonight. And he definitely won't mind." Nicci reaches for one of the hot sandwiches, peering at it to see what's inside. "So have you given anyone head yet? It's a lot easier than getting fucked. I prefer it."

Charlie slides his arm free of Nicci's, reaching for a sandwich, looking at it a bit blindly without really seeing what's in it. "No." It's a little dry, catches in his throat. He clears his throat and tries again. "No, I haven't."

Nicci puts the sandwich down and picks another. "Do you know how?" he asks Charlie. He smirks then, and sticks out his tongue, showing the piercing there. "I have an advantage."

Charlie looks at the piercing. "Oh. I didn't know you had that." He looks at Nicci's eyes, then back at the sandwich, avoiding the question. "Do I want roast beef?"

Nicci laughs a bit, tilting his head at the sandwich Charlie holds. "I don't know, do you? Get whatever you want. Neftali will probably try to feed us, too. We're eating like kings tonight."

Charlie smiles at the sandwich. He sets it down and reaches for a chicken one instead. Chicken seems safer for his stomach than roast beef. It's been a while since he's had meat. "Well, there goes my girlish figure." And then, to further avoid the question and steer Nicci away from it. "He seems nice. Is he a... is he a friend or..." He trails off, looking at Nicci.

Nicci bites his lip, not entirely sure what to call Neftali. "He's... special," Nicci decides. "He makes me feel safe. I sleep with him, but he's not a client. He doesn't pay me. There was... but there was another boy for a while, who I slept with but... but he didn't know what I was, and when he found out, he didn't want me anymore. Neftali knows, and he still likes me."

Charlie smiles softly and nods, wrapping his hands around the warm sandwich. "That must be nice to have." He doesn't sound jealous in the slightest, or like he resents Nicci for it. But there is an edge of loneliness to the way he says it. Wistfulness. "I'm sorry the other boy didn't work out, but it must be nice to have someone who likes you anyway. Who likes you... like that."

"It is. I've never... had it before Neftali. He's the first person I ever slept with... not for money. Just because I wanted him," Nicci says, heading towards the counter with Charlie. He laughs slightly, and rolls his eyes at himself. "It's silly, though. It's not... anything, not really, you know? I'll be living this life until I die." Which, Nicci figures, won't be too long. He's lucky to have made it as long as he has. He's lucky every day that Max doesn't find him, doesn't finally get his hands on him.

Charlie looks at him. "Oh, don't say that. Unless... unless you want to live like this until you die. But I don't want you to. Please don't. We can... we can save up and get a little apartment. With a cat." He grins, showing that gap between his teeth. He blushes a bit and sets the sandwich down on the counter, smiling at the man behind it. "Hello," he says softly.

It sounds nice. An apartment, a real place to live. Always knowing Charlie is safe. It makes his cheeks feel a little warm, and he smiles at the man as well, his cheeks dimpling. He reaches into his pocket for the crumpled bills, paying for their sandwiches. He takes his and unwraps it, eating it eagerly. "A gray cat?" Nicci finally responds, lifting his brows.

Charlie unwraps his sandwich, taking a careful bite and chewing it slowly. He nods, smiling around his bite. "A gray cat. And he'll have his own little food and water dish shaped like fish."

Nicci's smile widens, and he reaches out to take Charlie's hand, squeezing it lightly. He heads towards the door with him, eager to get to Neftali's. To be warm and comfortable. "That would be nice. Have you ever had a home before?"

Charlie winds his fingers between Nicci's. He nods. "Yes." He takes another careful bite of his sandwich and looks over at Nicci as they pass through the door. The cold's a little more tolerable now. "Have you?"

"I don't remember it," Nicci says, shaking his head. "My mother died when I was four, and my father... made me leave. How old were you when you left?"

"I was... almost fourteen when my parents died. Two years ago. I lived with my a-aunt, but... I ran away about five months ago." He looks at Nicci. "I'm sorry you were so young, Nicci."

"It's alright. I got used to it," Nicci says, already mostly done with his sandwich. "Why did you run away? I ran away from Max, I know how it is."

Charlie shakes his head. "My aunt wasn't very nice," he says simply. Charlie's not even halfway done with his sandwich. He's learned to eat slowly, because he doesn't know when he'll be eating next. He's learned to make things last. "What's your favorite color?"

Nicci looks a bit surprised by the question, and he laughs, eating the last bite of his sandwich. Nicci knows that it could be a long time before he eats again, but he still eats quickly. He does a lot of reckless things. He stole a gold ring from the man he sucked off before. They've reached Neftali's building, and Nicci opens the door for Charlie. "I think... gold. What about you?"

Charlie laughs a bit. "Pink." He looks up at the building before he walks in-- a renovated old factory, from the looks of it. Artistic-looking. He feels a little flutter of nerves as he crosses to the large elevator with brushed-metal doors. Maybe Neftali won't like him. Maybe he'd just rather be with Nicci. Charlie wouldn't blame him.

"You'll be able to see some of my paintings now," Nicci smiles, hitting the button for Neftali's floor. He's eager to see him - butterflies in his stomach. It's silly, but there's no controlling it. He's eager to share the feeling that Neftali gives him with Charlie, too. Safety, assurance, warmth. "If I could do anything besides this, it would be painting. I would love to just... paint."

"Really?" Charlie grins. He likes learning new things about Nicci. "What do you paint? I'm excited to see them. Is... is Neftali a painter, too?" He takes another bite from his sandwich. His heart is beating a little quickly.

"No, he's a writer. He's very good," Nicci says, stepping off the elevator, still holding Charlie's hand. He bites his lip, his stomach doing somersaults. He hasn't seen Neftali in a few weeks, not since things fell through with Gian. He smiles over at Charlie, then smoothes his hand over his hair. "How's my hair?" he asks, before he knocks on Neftali's door.

Charlie nods, which makes a lock of his own hair fall into his eyes. "You look nice." His mouth is rather dry. It's not like he's going to be expected to do anything to Neftali. Nicci keeps him safe. But he's still anxious, nervous. Maybe he'll save the rest of his sandwich for later.

Neftali doesn't answer the door right away. There's a sound of running water stopping, and then a pause, and then bare feet against the floor. A moment later, Neftali pulls the door open. His hair is wet, tousled. His body is damp, water glistening on his chest. There's a dark red towel held low around his hip. He sees Nicci first and smiles. His stray cat, come in from the cold. He sees Charlie next. Notices their joined hands. He opens the door wider and steps back. "Welcome. And welcome back."

Nicci grins, letting go of Charlie's hand to move in close to Neftali, wrapping his arms around him and leaning up for a kiss. "Hi," he smiles against Neftali's lips, and then takes a step back. "Neftali, this is my friend Charlie. Charlie, Neftali."

"Charlie," he echoes. "Come in, Charlie. You'll freeze out in the hallway." Neftali holds on to his towel with one hand, reaching the other out to take Charlie gently by the hand and draw him into his apartment. He lets go of his hand, shutting the door. The apartment is warm, comfortable despite its industrial feel. It's a bit humid from the shower. "I was just finishing my shower." More strays. Neftali will be running out of room soon. He doesn't mind, though. Charlie has a sweet look about him, and he trusts anyone that Nicci brings into his home.

He's beautiful. Nicci had said that he was gorgeous, but Charlie hadn't thought that he meant this gorgeous. And half-naked, and wet, and touching Charlie's hand. Charlie makes a sound-- something like a nervous laugh, and busies himself looking around the apartment. He eyes some paintings and wonders if they're Nicci's.

"Go on," Nicci says, though he leans up for another kiss, slower this time, touching his hand to Neftali's cheek. He kisses a line from his mouth to his ear, and murmurs there. "I didn't think you would mind... The snow makes for a slow night, and this is the warmest place I know."

Charlie glances at them, Nicci leaning up to whisper in Neftali's ear, the way Neftali's face turns toward his a bit. The way Nicci looks against him. He blushes a little and wanders into the apartment, giving them some privacy. He spots a fridge and looks back at Neftali, then walks over to it and opens it, setting what's left of his sandwich inside, off to one corner.

Neftali smiles, shaking his head, turning his face to nuzzle Nicci's ear lightly. "I don't mind," he murmurs. "I'm happy to see you. It's been a while." Things have happened. Edward has happened. But Neftali doesn't bring him up. He opens his eyes, watching Charlie as he wanders deeper into the apartment. "He's... there's something precious about him." He draws back and looks down at Nicci, one hand rising to touch to his neck. He brings his face down and kisses him again, catching at his lower lip.

Nicci savors the kiss, his thumb stroking over Neftali's cheek. When their lips part he nods, glancing at Charlie. "He's precious. I've been looking after him. He's new. It's good... to spend the night in a safe place. Good for both of us." Another kiss, warm and slow, and then Nicci pulls away. "You can finish what you were doing. We'll get cozy." Nicci feels comfortable enough here to help himself, to lay down if he wants to or get a drink, to take food if he needs it.

Neftali nods, his thumb brushing at the hollow of Nicci's throat. If they were alone, he would invite Nicci into the shower with him, but they're not. So he resists. Another soft, plucking kiss on Nicci's mouth, and he draws away, turning and heading back to the bathroom to finish his shower.

Charlie is standing a bit awkwardly in the middle of the kitchen area. He walks in a small, useless circle, and then stops, sneezing. He has an adorable, tiny sort of sneeze. He makes a face. Definitely getting a cold. He rubs one eye with his fist and starts to unwind his scarf from around his neck.

Nicci goes over to him, pulling off his own scarf, taking off his coat. He grins at Charlie, tilting his head. "He says you're precious," Nicci informs him. "I told you he wouldn't mind. He's glad you're here, too. It's funny, when I met him, I planned on robbing him."

Charlie's fingers pause on the buttons of his coat. His chapped lips are even more flushed now that they're starting to thaw out. "Rob him? Really?" He looks around, wondering what there would be to take. He looks back at Nicci and then back down at the buttons of his coat. "And I'm sure he just said that because I'm your f-fr... frrr..." He sneezes again, a bit more violently, then sniffles. "Friend." He slides his arms out of his coat. He's wearing a snug gray flannel button-down.

Nicci laughs, shaking his head, dropping his coat over one of the chairs. He's wearing a tight dark blue sweater, and he goes about putting on some water for tea. He wants to warm up and lay with Charlie and Neftali, snuggled up with the both of them. He turns on the stove and then takes Charlie's hand, pulling him over to his desk where the painting of Neftali still sits. "This is one of my paintings," he says, touching the canvas. "Isn't he beautiful?"

Charlie looks at the painting, at the bared skin. At the fine brushstrokes and the way Nicci captured the light. He tips his head to the side, studying the painting for a long moment. It makes his cheeks a little warm. "Wow," he says softly. "You're very talented. What on earth are you doing living on the streets like you are?" He looks at Nicci, a bit of wonder in his eyes.

Nicci laughs a bit and shoves Charlie lightly. "Because sucking cock makes a lot more money than painting, which is saying something," Nicci says. "And I'm very good at what I do, too." Nicci kicks off his shoes and stretches, yawning deeply. "Come on, you should drink some tea. It'll help your cold."

"I don't have a cold." If he has a cold, that means he's contagious and that he won't get to cuddle up to Nicci. He sniffles and sits on the edge of the bed, untying his boots and pulling them off, making sure his money and his knife stay tucked inside. He gets up and shuffles over to Nicci. There's a lot he doesn't know about prostitution. What little he does know is based off of what he learned from his night with Tennessee-- what Tennessee had done to him that he liked, what Tennessee had reacted to. He's quite limited, and he's not sure how to branch out.

"You do, baby," Nicci says, slipping his arm around Charlie's waist and kissing the corner of his mouth despite it. He leans his cheek on Charlie's shoulder as the water starts to boil, cozy and warm snuggled up to him. "Sniffle sniffle. Some hot tea and a warm place to sleep will be good for you."

Charlie slides his arm around Nicci's waist and tips his cheek against the top of his head. He closes his eyes. For a moment, he pretends that this is their apartment. That they live here with their gray cat and Neftali comes to visit, and Tennessee. "I'm sleepy," he murmurs.

Neftali comes out of the bathroom again, dressed in a t-shirt and pajama bottoms now, toweling off his hair. He pauses at the edge of the kitchen, looking in at Nicci and Charlie standing in front of the stove leaning against each other. Cuddling standing up. It's sweet. Kittens. He smiles.

Nicci nods, not realizing that Neftali is watching them, and stays that way for a while longer before he reaches for three mugs and pours the boiling water out, a cup of tea for each of them. He opens a box of tea bags and drops them in, then hands one mug to Charlie. "Careful you don't burn yourself," he says quietly. He notices Neftali and smiles, holding out a hand, reaching for him. "Want some tea?"

Charlie holds his mug carefully, raising it to his lips and blowing the steam away. He turns to look at Neftali when Nicci says something to him and smiles. His eyes look sleepy, cheeks faintly flushed. He looks like the child that he is in that moment.

Neftali returns Charlie's smile. He's sweet. It's impossible not to wonder why he's in the business that he is. He drops his towel against the wall and moves toward Nicci, sliding his arm around his waist and bowing his face to kiss his temple. "I would love some."

Nicci offers a mug to Neftali, looking up at him sweetly, just as tired-eyed as Charlie. A long day out in the cold. He leans up to kiss Neftali softly, handing him the mug. "It's very warm," he murmurs, warning Neftali as well.

Neftali takes the mug and kisses Nicci gently on his cheekbone. They both look exhausted, like the heat of the apartment is lulling them to sleep. Thawing them out and making them warm and cozy. They're adorable. Both of them. Almost like children who have spent too long playing in the snow. "Why don't the two of you lie down on the bed? I'll get some more blankets."

Charlie takes a sip of his tea and licks his lips. He can feel it warming him from the inside, chasing all of the cold away. He sniffles and brushes his hand under his flushed nose. "I can..." he clears his throat. "I can sleep on the floor. I don't mind, if the two of you... it's alright."

Nicci shakes his head, reaching out for Charlie's hand. "There's room enough for all of us." He hooks his finger with Charlie's pinky, and then looks to Neftali. "Right? We don't take up much room, Charlie and I."

Neftali nods. "There's room enough." If there's not, then it's Neftali who will sleep on the floor. He can't imagine that there wouldn't be enough room, though. Neither of the boys are big enough to take up half a bed. He kisses Nicci again. He's missed him. Worried about him. He smoothes a hand over Nicci's hair and then leans toward Charlie, kissing his cheek gently before moving past them, heading for the closet to gather more blankets.

Charlie flushes at the kiss. His hand shifts, slipping into the hollow of Nicci's hand again. He seems oddly starved for human contact for someone who makes his money being touched. He chews on his lower lip and takes another sip of his tea, then follows Nicci toward Neftali's bed.

Nicci is just the same - starved to be near someone by choice, to be affectionate and have his affection returned. He sets his mug of tea down on the night stand and crawls onto the bed, keeping hold of Charlie's hand and guiding him in close. He wants to curl up with Charlie, close and warm. "It's very soft," he says, patting Neftali's bed, which is the softest bed in the world to him.

Charlie takes another long sip of his tea and then sets it down beside Nicci's, crawling onto the bed after him. It is soft. He pushes back the heavy blanket and slides under it. He never sleeps in his jeans if he has a choice, but he doesn't want to be odd or awkward and take them off, like he's expecting something. He sniffles and lies down, curling in close to Nicci.

Nicci taps the tip of Charlie's nose lightly, smiling at him, their faces close. "You shouldn't spend too much time outside when you have a cold, baby," he murmurs. "Stick to the bars."

"I don't have a cold," he whispers in response. He sniffles right after he says it, though, and shuts his eyes. "Bars smell funny. And it's harder, when people aren't nice." His arms are drawn up between them, hands curled in close to his chest. He shifts. His jeans are cold around the cuffs, where they'd dragged in the snow and gotten wet. They're snug. He opens his eyes, looking at Nicci with those dark, drowsy eyes, and then lets them close again. He burrows closer.

Nicci curls in close in return, taking one of Charlie's hands and holding it between his, kissing the corner of Charlie's mouth. It feels wonderful, sweet and warm. He wants Neftali to come, too - wants Neftali to warm them like a blanket, to keep them safe. He closes his eyes for a moment, and then lifts his head, looking to him.

Neftali is standing on the other side of the bed, unfolding a blanket, watching his hands. He glances up when he sees Nicci lift his head and smiles at him. His arms go out, unfolding the blanket and flaring it out, draping it over the blanket that's already on the bed. Extra warmth. He turns the heater down at night. He's brought some extra pillows, too. He tosses one onto the bed beside Nicci and pulls his shirt off, flicking off the light before he pulls the blanket and slides beneath it, fitting against Nicci's back, leaving him sandwiched between his body and Charlie's. He kisses the side of Nicci's neck.

Charlie's warm and cozy, curled up with someone he likes. He's exhausted from too many sleepless nights and from the little cold that he keeps denying that he has, and he's already starting to sink into sleep. He shifts, drawing his knees up a bit, and then makes a distressed sound. He sits up, curls rumpled. "I... can I take my jeans off?"

"Yeah," Nicci smiles, pulling Neftali's arm around his own waist. His jeans were kept dry by his boots, but he realizes the bottom of Charlie's are probably wet. "Of course. You don't even have to ask." He lifts Neftali's hand and kisses his knuckles, affectionate and sweet. Nicci feels so warm and cozy, he can't help it. He loves the feeling of Charlie and Neftali on either side of him. If he could never move again, he'd be so very happy.

Neftali lifts his head and smiles at Charlie. He nods. He'll put them over the radiator after Charlie and Nicci have fallen asleep. He snuggles close to Nicci again, His cheek against his hair, body fitting to his curves. He kisses his ear gently.

Charlie swings his legs over the side of the bed and unbuttons his jeans, wriggling out of them and kicking them aside. He pulls off his socks, too, which have gotten wet by contact, and slides back under the blanket, curling up against Nicci again, his bare knees brushing against the denim of Nicci's jeans. He sighs. "Goodnight," he murmurs.

"Goodnight, Charlie," Nicci whispers. He tilts his head back then, stretching, his body fitting even closer to Neftali's as he leans back for a kiss, warm and slow. Perfect. "Thank you," he mouths against Neftali's lips.

"You're welcome," he mouths back. Another long, sweet kiss. He wants Nicci. He wants to run his hands over the curve of his body, but he'll wait. Another night. His mouth breaks the kiss. "Now go to sleep," he whispers. He smiles, his hand sliding down Nicci's stomach, fingers sliding up the front of his sweater and resting against his warm skin.

Nicci nods, feeling a longing for Neftali that should make him uncomfortable, he thinks. He shouldn't be okay with wanting Neftali this way, with feeling so warm and comfortable and safe here. But he does. He turns his cheek back towards the pillow and slips into sleep quickly - he tries to stay awake, to savor this feeling, but he's asleep soon anyway.

Neftali can feel Nicci get a little heavier as he sinks into sleep, his breath steady and even beneath his hand. He keeps his eyes closed for a moment, just savoring the warmth, the closeness. Someone starts snoring after a bit-- gentle, barely-there sounds. Probably Charlie. He has a cold. Neftali smiles and opens his eyes, sitting up carefully so that he doesn't wake either of them. He looks down at them, studying them in the dim light that's coming in through the windows. They're so peaceful in their sleep. Lips parted, lashes dark on their cheeks. Charlie's forehead is nearly touching Nicci's, and their hands are clasped between them, brought up between their chests. Neftali reaches over them and pulls the blanket up a little higher on Charlie's shoulder, then settles back in against Nicci.