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26 January 2008 @ 02:53 am
Charlie, Tennessee, and Nicci: First Night  
Who: Charlie Dickens, Tennessee Williams, Nicci Ingres
Where: A bar, Tennessee's apartment
When: After the Charlie/Nicci scene.

Charlie doesn't drop onto the man's lap right away. He slides up behind him, leaning down and winding an arm around his shoulders from behind. He turns his face and kisses his cheek, near his mouth. "Congratulations," he says in that soft, sweet voice of his.

His grin widens, a crooked thing, and he turns his mouth up slightly, so Charlie's lips just barely brush his. He pulls Charlie around by his arm, and his light eyes scan Charlie over as if checking out the merchandise, before they return to his face. His hand is big and rough with calluses, holding Charlie's arm. "Well, ain't you pretty? What'cha up to tonight, darlin'?"

That's when Charlie drops lightly into his lap, smiling at him with those big dark eyes. There's still a bit of a lump in his throat, but his tears are mostly gone. What's left of them just makes his eyes look large and appealing. "I don't know," he returns. He tips his head to the side slightly. His heart is pounding. Please let this be a good john. Please. He wants to look at Nicci, but he can't. His eyes don't leave this man's. "What am I up to tonight?"

The man seems pleased with Charlie's behavior so far. His arm is crossed over Charlie's back, and his hand rests low on Charlie's hip. His eyes scan to Charlie's lips, and then back up to his big eyes. "Well, I was hopin' you'd help me celebrate this here vic-tor-ee of mine," he drawls, flipping through the stack of bills and turning to them, before he looks back at Charlie and lifts his brows. "How's about it, peaches?"

"Can't think of anything I'd like to do more." He tries to copy that sweetly flirtatious tone that Nicci had taken with George. He leans in those few inches, kissing the man again-- half on his mouth this time. This one lingers. He draws back and smiles, on hand resting on the man's chest over his heart. It drifts down, gliding over his nipple through his shirt completely by accident.

"Mmm, well ain't you sweet," he purrs, and leans in again for a more firm kiss, drawing on Charlie's lower lip. The man tastes like whiskey, and smells like grass and cigarettes. "How much you want, darlin'?" he asks, murmured against Charlie's lips.

Charlie's heart stops for a moment. He has no idea. The man just won a lot of money, so he probably has some to spare, but Charlie might be really really bad and make him angry if he costs too much. He doesn't even know how much prostitutes cost. He buys some time with another kiss. Whiskey and cigarettes, but at least he's handsome. "Fifty," he murmurs back. It takes some effort to keep from stuttering.

"Fifty? You on sale tonight, curly?" the man says, laughing against Charlie's lips. "You gona expire in a few days or somethin'? Fifty for the whole night?"

Charlie slides his other hand up into the man's hair, fingers sliding up the back of his neck. More than fifty then. "Well, if you want to keep me..." he tries to make it sound coy, not like he'd just messed up. He licks his lips, tongue inadvertently touching to the man's lower lip. "A hundred."

"Mmm, well, I think I'm gona be wantin' to keep you," he says, his rough hand working up under Charlie's shirt, skimming up his side. Prostitutes are easy for him. No guesswork. He knows they want him, because he's got the money. They don't try to chat, they don't expect you to call them back. It's all quite simple. "Was' your name, pretty darlin'?"

That hand up his shirt... Charlie's heart is going to beat right out of his ribcage. His body curves toward the man's slightly before settling again. He should come up with a fake name, something to protect himself with. But he's a horrible liar, so he tells the truth. "Charlie." He doesn't ask his name. He's not sure if he's supposed to.

"Charlie," he repeats, in his slow southern drawl. He's grinning, his light eyes heavy-lidded. His hand slides down Charlie's chest, and his fingers tuck down Charlie's pants at his hip. "I'm Tennessee. How'sabout comin' home with me, Charlie?"

Jeeeesus Christ. No one's ever touched him this much. He needs to get used to it. Like swallowing pills. "Tennessee," he echoes softly. He draws back a bit and smiles, searching Tennessee's face. Handsome. And tall. Rough hands. Charlie slides his hand from his hair and slips off of Tennessee's lap, letting Tennessee's hand slip from the waistband of his snug jeans. He reaches for the hand, pulling Tennessee gently up out of his seat, holding his eyes. His jaw keeps tightening. His mouth is dry. He's trying to remember to breathe.

Tennessee's arm circles Charlie's waist, and he leans down for his lips. He kisses him, long and drawing, sucking on Charlie's lower lip slightly and then closing his teeth on it. His hand slides down and tucks into Charlie's back pocket. He helps himself to whatever he wants. He's paying for it, afterall. His teeth slide from Charlie's lip, his hand kneading a bit, groping Charlie. "You ever ride a motorcycle before, peaches?"

Charlie is a little dizzy from the kiss and the way his body is being pulled up against Tennessee's hip. His hand is on his chest, touching to it lightly, fingers splayed out. He shakes his head, his cheeks a bit flushed, eyes on Tennessee's lips. "Teach me?" His eyes go up to his. He sounds a little breathless.

He's such a sweet thing, and Tennessee is pretty delighted with him so far. He nods and turns, so that he's walking with his arm around Charlie's waist, hand in his pocket. He takes him out to his motorcycle, all patched together from different parts, and takes his hand out. He opens up a pack on the side, takes out a helmet he carries just in case, and hands it to Charlie. He climbs on, and then nods for Charlie to get on behind him. "C'mon, darlin'. I'll teach ya', alright. You like rollercoasters, sweetcheeks?"

Charlie puts on the helmet and slides onto the motorcycle, fitting close to Tennessee's back. He wraps his arms around him, holding on to him. At least he gave him a helmet. He seems nice. And he's an awfully good kisser. "Mmhmm." His mouth is against Tennessee's shoulder. He lifts his chin so he can hear him better. "Very much."

"Well, then you're gona love this," Tennessee says, before he takes off. He drives wildly, swerving between cars. It seems he waits for the very last moment to make a turn, to swerve around a car or a building. His turns are so sharp and sudden that they tip the motorcycle far, close to the ground - so close to tipping. Tennessee seems perfectly alright with it, totally in control, however. He's strong and fast, and he starts to sing as he drives, narrowly missing a telephone pole. "I'm the same old trouble that you always been through, how come you treat me like a worn out shoe? My hair's still curly an' my eyes are still blue, why don't you love me like you used to do?"

Charlie's fingers are curled in Tennessee's shirt, clinging. His arms are tight around him, body stiff, plastered against his back. His eyes are shut. He's going to die. He's sure of it. He's trying not to scream. Trying to relax. Trying to be sexy and desirable and worth a hundred dollars, but he's seriously going to die.

Tennessee doesn't notice Charlie's fear at all. He's singing, driving, totally at ease. They finally slow, pull to a stop. He turns off the motorcycle, and they're in the alley outside the door of his apartment. He pats on Charlie's wrist. "We're here, darlin'. You can stop breakin' my ribs."

"Sorry." It comes out with a bit of a squeak. It still takes a moment for Charlie to loosen his hold on Tennessee, and he does it gradually. He pries his eyes open, breathless. "That... was..." He swallows hard and then lets out a quick breath.

"You alright, peaches?" Tennessee asks, sliding off the bike and then lifting his brows at Charlie. "Hope I didn't give you a scare."

Charlie looks up at Tennessee. He takes off his helmet and puts it back where Tennessee had got it from, licking his lips nervously. He stands, getting off of the bike, a bit shaky, and slides his arm around Tennessee's waist. "I've never been on a rollercoaster like that before."

"Mm, guess I shoulda' warned you," Tennessee says, and chains up his motorcycle. He turns to Charlie and presses a kiss to his lips, then draws him into his apartment with a hand on his waist. He takes him upstairs and unlocks the door, nodding for him to enter. He kicks the door shut behind them, and keeps singing under his breath as he goes over to the tape deck on the shelf beside his television. He puts on a tape - old country music, buzzing with static and twanging guitars. He reaches out for Charlie, drawing him in by a hand on his hip and swaying with him. Dancing. He's a bit drunk, he just won a lot of money without even cheating, and he's got a pretty boy. He's kind of giddy. "I got a feelin' called the blu-ues, oh lawd, since my baby said goodbye," Tennessee sings, his lips brushing against Charlie's as he does, his hips a bit too close.

Charlie grins-- a wide, sweet grin. He can't help it. This definitely isn't what he was expecting-- grainy country music and dancing. Tennessee's hips being so near, the little brushes of his mouth-- they still make Charlie's stomach tighten, but this... the dancing... this is good. He can do this. He wonders if he'll still be paid for it. He pulls back, turning under Tennessee's arm and letting go of his hand. He slides out of his coat and rests it on the back of the couch, unwinds his scarf from around his neck and sets it on top of it. Then he moves back in toward Tennessee, sliding an arm around his neck. It makes his shirt rise on his side a little, baring a bit of skin.

Tennessee grins, his hands on Charlie's hips. They slide up, one hand going to the small of his back, his other sliding up his ribs, touching bare skin. He eases him closer, so their hips rub as he sways. "Lord, I love to hear her when she calls me sweet da-a-ady, such a beautiful dream. I hate to think it's all over, I lost my heart it seems," he continues to sing, low and warm, before his lips sink down to kiss along Charlie's jaw, drawing him even closer kiss Charlie's pulse point. His hand sinks down the back of Charlie's jeans, fitting over the curve of his backside and kneading as he sucks on Charlie's neck.

Charlie's lips part, eyes sinking closed. This... isn't so much dancing anymore. His mouth is dry. So incredibly dry. It's like he's never had a glass of water in his life. What if Tennessee wants him to... not that he even knows how to do that. He's in over his head. A hundred dollars, though. That's a lot of food. Charlie's head tips to the side offering more of his throat to Tennessee. His hips are rubbing against his, and Tennessee's hand is warm on his skin. Rough. He presses his lips together, making a soft noise. He's trying to keep from shaking.

Tennessee makes a low growling sound against Charlie's throat. His face is rough with stubble, scratching at Charlie's skin. His fingers inch downwards in Charlie's jeans, but before they reach him, he draws his hand out and drops down on the sofa. He looks Charlie over with lazy eyes, and slides the buckle of his belt loose. "Take off your clothes, peaches," he says.

His heart is pounding. His stomach is churning. He prays that his hands won't shake as he lifts them to the buttons of his shirt, prays that God won't hate him for this. That he'll still listen to him. He meets Tennessee's eyes, holding them. He can't even swallow, his mouth is so dry. He unbuttons his shirt slowly, fingers carefully sliding each button loose, revealing smooth, soft skin. He slides his shirt off of his shoulders and lets it fall to the ground. He bends down to untie his boots, sliding them off. He feels the knife slide past the arch of his foot and fall into the bottom of the shoe. So much for that protection. His hands go to the button of his jeans, eyes meeting Tennessee's again. His cheeks are brilliantly flushed. He works the button loose, sliding the zipper down. There's nothing underneath.

Tennessee watches him with hungry eyes. He's looking at Charlie's body, eyes lingering on his open jeans. His eyes slide up to Charlie's face, and then he tilts his head. "You blushin'?" he asks curiously. "You ain't bashful, are you?"

Charlie smiles what he hopes is a coy smile and lowers his eyes. He doesn't trust himself to speak right now. He'll stutter. He slides his thumbs into the waist band of his jeans and slides them down, leaving himself bare. He steps out of his jeans and straightens, then looks up at Tennessee again. He tips his head to the side, standing a bit contraposto. He brushes a curl out of his eyes.

Tennessee likes his curls. They remind him of Eli. But this boy isn't very much like Eli - not even close. He's pretty, but he's not Eli. Tennessee looks at him, and then lifts his eyes back up to Charlie's face. "Well, ain't you pretty. Since you're so good at takin' off your clothes, darlin', I trust you could come an' help me with mine?"

Charlie licks his lips, walking over to Tennessee. He's not used to walking around naked. His brain is moving a mile a minute as he walks, trying to figure out how best to do this. He crawls onto the couch, straddling Tennessee's thighs. He slides the buttons of Tennessee's shirt loose. His fingers are shaking a little. He wills them to stop. Once all the buttons are undone, he slides one hand under the warm fabric, sliding it along Tennessee's chest. He leans in, pressing parted lips to the side of Tennessee's throat. He's stalling getting Tennessee's jeans undone.

Tennessee hums in appreciation, sliding his hand down Charlie's back, following his spine. His fingers keep skimming down, until his fingers brush against him, and then his hand rests low over the curve of his backside, against his bare skin. He thinks that Charlie's blushing cheeks, his sweetness, are probably an act. All hookers have their act. Charlie's just especially good at it, Tennessee figures.

Charlie rises up on his knees a little when Tennessee's fingers touch to him, letting out a hot breath and a faintly surprised sound. He keeps telling himself that this could be worse. Tennessee is young, and handsome, and seems to be nice. He hasn't asked him to do anything weird. It could be worse. Charlie pushes his shirt down his shoulders, kissing his shoulder, and then slides his hand down his stomach. His fingers hesitate on the button of Tennessee's jeans. It could be worse. He pushes his belt buckle aside and unfastens his jeans, rising up again, shifting as he pulls the zipper down.

Tennessee nuzzles at Charlie's neck as he unfastens Tennessee's jeans. He doesn't really feel guilty about paying whores for sex - he's young and good-looking, fancies himself to be pretty good in bed, and he treats them well. Feeds them, pays them, never mistreats them or gets too rough. They're going to be out on the street doing what they do anyway, and Tennessee figures it's better they wind up in his bed than in a dark alley with someone who might hurt them. Charlie is beautiful, and Tennessee is sure he's experienced - he's too beautiful to not be in high demand. He nips lightly at Charlie's neck, and then kisses down to his shoulder. "I wanna hear you say my name," he murmurs, and bites at the curve from Charlie's neck to his shoulder. "An' hear you moan. You got such a sweet voice, darlin'."

"Tennessee," he whispers obediently. Charlie shivers faintly. It's not quite a frightened tremble. It's warmer-- surprises him with its heat. He's never been naked in front of someone before. Never been touched like this... bitten... never undressed anyone. He licks his lips again, biting his lower lip. His hand hesitates at the opening of Tennessee's jeans, then slides inside. Moving under fabric. Touching. He pulls away just a bit to look down. Nicci might have said that tall men aren't always large. But in this case he seems to be quite wrong. Charlie feels his face flush.

Tennessee doesn't notice, he's busy working his mouth over Charlie's neck. He pulls back a bit, his eyes hazy from alcohol and from Charlie. "Can I mark you?" he drawls. He wants to suck and bite, but prostitutes don't always appreciate marks being left behind.

Charlie looks up at his eyes. He's a bit surprised that he asked and fairly sure that he's not supposed to say no. It's his money. Charlie is his. He nods, eyes drifting closed, head turning to the side. He offers his throat to Tennessee fingers circling loosely around him, uncertain.

Tennessee groans - it turns him on, seeing Charlie offer up his neck like that. It's submissive, and it's hot, and Tennessee leans in and sucks on his neck until there's a dark flush there, then licks the mark he leaves. He sits back and his hand goes to Charlie's, closing around his to make his grip more firm, guiding him for a few strokes before his hand leaves Charlie's. It goes to his mouth, Tennessee's rough fingers tracing along Charlie's lower lip. He's watching Charlie as he pushes two of his fingers into Charlie's mouth.

His fingers pause around him when he pushes his fingers into his mouth, then start again, stroking in the way Tennessee's hand had guided him to. His lips are chapped, but pillowy around Tennessee's fingers. There's only a trace of his teeth, the lightest graze, before he draws them back. His tongue rubs against the underside of Tennessee's fingers and he starts to suck, throat moving as his mouth draws on them. He slides his lips up, then back down, holding Tennessee's eyes. He's echoing the movements of his hand, unsure exactly what he's doing. He's trying not to think. His body is reacting to all of it, though, despite his nervousness. It's doing what it's supposed to be doing. He shifts on Tennessee's thighs and his eyes drift closed for a moment. He moans softly, opening his eyes again. He can feel his heartbeat in the mark that Tennessee had left on his neck.

Tennessee watches him with his heavy eyes, lips parting. Charlie is gorgeous, and terribly cooperative. Definitely giving him his money's worth. He draws his fingers out of Charlie's mouth and then brings them behind him, knuckles sliding down Charlie's back. His two fingers, slick and wet, find Charlie and push into him. He doesn't ease them in - doesn't think he has to, thinks Charlie is probably used to it.

Charlie sucks in a quick breath, mouth opening, eyes closing briefly. His body snaps tight. It's something that he isn't entirely prepared for. His hand tightens briefly around Tennessee. He forces it to relax. Forces his body to relax around Tennessee's fingers. He bites his lower lip hard and presses slowly back against Tennessee's fingers, hand resuming stroking him. He takes his hand away for a moment, bringing it up to his mouth to lick his palm, then returns it to Tennessee. Slick fingers are easier. He's going to try to make this as easy for himself as he possibly can.

Tennessee's fingers move inside of Charlie, pushing against him. He's not very gentle. The reaction is mostly acting, he thinks, and if it hurts at all, Charlie isn't letting it on. Tennessee leans in, and murmurs in Charlie's ear. "How 'bout you go get in my bed, an' grab the bottle on the night stand, an' get yourself ready for me, darlin'," Tennessee growls. "I'm gona have a drink an' a cigarette."

Charlie almost wants to cry. It's a delay... putting off the inevitable, stretching it out. He just sort of wants to get it over with now that it's started, not take the time to actually think about it. Tennessee's fingers hurt-- sharp, stinging little pains. He can't imagine what the real thing is going to feel like. Bottle on the night stand. He doesn't even know what kind of bottle or what he's supposed to do with it or anything. He turns his face, finding Tennessee's mouth and kissing him to keep from saying anything. To keep from hyperventilating. He bites softly at his lower lip like Tennessee had bitten him before, then slowly slides off of Tennessee's lap, letting Tennessee's fingers slide from him. He makes a faint, catching sound. He roughs a hand through Tennessee's hair because he can't manage to do anything finer. "Don't be too long," he murmurs. He walks away, heading toward what he assumes to be the bedroom. He shuts his eyes, breath quickening.

Tennessee watches him walk away with hazy eyes before he goes to the kitchen and grabs a bottle of whiskey out of the freezer. He lights up his cigarette and leans back against the counter, his jeans unfastened and halfway off of his hips. He makes a face and gropes himself a bit, adjusting things. He likes to wait a little, once he really starts to want it - likes to let that want turn to need, likes to let it get too strong and boil over. He's not very slow about smoking his cigarette, and eventually puts it out halfway finished in the sink. He spits in the drain and washes his mouth out with whiskey, swallowing the bitter alcohol and then heading towards the bedroom. "You all ready, peaches?" he says, winking at Charlie as he stops at the foot of the bed, pushing his jeans off his hips.

The bottle on the nightstand was lube. Thankfully. Charlie had only hyperventilated a little, and had stopped when he'd heard Tennessee heading toward the bedroom. He's actually doing this. This is actually going to happen. He's laying on his back, leaning back against the pillows, stretched out. He shifts a little, moving one leg to the side slightly. His eyes slide down Tennessee's body, settling between his hips. He blushes again and looks back up at his eyes. He smiles and bites his lower lip to keep it from shaking. He nods. "Yes," he murmurs. "How do you want me, Tennessee?"

Tennessee climbs onto the bed, moving forward until he reaches Charlie. He's smirking in an almost predatory way, and he leans in and kisses the corner of Charlie's mouth slowly, tenderly. It's the last gentle move. He grabs Charlie's knee, and pushes his leg up, hooking it over his own shoulder. He adjusts Charlie's other leg, knee locked in the crook of his elbow. And he pushes in. Not slow, not gentle. Tennessee has no idea that there's any need to be.

It all happens so quickly. If it had been a little slower, if there had been a bit of warning, Charlie might not have made the sound that he does. As it is, it catches him by surprise-- a sudden, flaring shock of pain-- and he cries out, body arching, head tipping back. His eyes squeeze shut and he bites down hard on his lower lip, one hand going to Tennessee's upper arm. His fingers press into his skin, the fingers of his other hand curling into the sheet. He gasps, breathing shallow, and tries to force his body to relax again.

It's definitely not the reaction Tennessee had been expecting. Other boys might squirm the slightest bit, mostly in surprise, but they never shout. Never actually seem to be hurting. His hips move deeper in of their own accord, but he pushes up and looks down at Charlie. "Fuck, peaches, you alright?" he says.

He's messed up. He's really messed up now. Charlie nods quickly, but his breathing is still shallow. There are surprised tears in the corners of his shut eyes. "Don't stop," he whispers.

Tennessee knows he's being hurt. His body is tight, and it doesn't feel like he's going to relax. Tennessee is afraid to even pull out, and when he notices those tears... "Shit, you ain't okay," Tennessee says. He's careful, easing Charlie's legs down slightly as he draws out slowly. "You bleedin'?"

Charlie opens his eyes. A tear slips from the corner of one of them and he wipes it away quickly, reaching for Tennessee's shoulders. He's messed up. He's going to get kicked out. He's not going to get paid and he's going to have to sleep on the street again and it's only going to be worse next time. "I'm okay," he says, but his voice catches. "I'm f-fine."

"No, you ain't," Tennessee says, forcefully, finally moving out of Charlie all the way. He feels him, to make sure he's not bleeding. "How long you been doin' this?"

Charlie reaches for his arms, holding on to him desperately, trying to keep him from leaving. He opens his mouth. He wants to say that he's been doing this for a long time, that this is nothing. But he's a horrible liar. He shuts his mouth, opens it again. "Tonight." It's barely a sound.

"Tonight?" Tennessee's eyes jerk up to Charlie's face. Fuck. "Shit, peaches..." Tennessee shakes his head. He doesn't move off of Charlie. "Darlin' this ain't no walk in the park. I'm a big boy, an' I'm no good at goin' slow."

More tears, tracing down the same track that that first one had gone down. He loosens his hold on Tennessee to wipe them away, then grabs onto his arm again, fingers damp with tears. "It'll be fine. It's good. I don't want a w-walk in the park." His breath catches. He's falling apart a little, unraveling at the seams. "I'm fine. I'll be good. I'll be good for y-you." He strokes Tennessee's arm lightly. "I promise. Tennessee." His eyes are wide, dark and deep and shining with his tears.

"Jesus, Charlie," Tennessee says, sitting up and drawing Charlie with him. He wraps his arms around him, holding him to his chest. "Don't cry now, darlin'. It's gona be alright. You been real good. I don't wana hurt you, I didn't realize it was gona hurt you."

Charlie curls up against his chest, his long fingers curling against his skin. He's crying even harder now, shaking a little, gasping as he tries to get it under control. "It didn't hurt. I'm sorry. It was my fault. I'll... I'll be better. Please don't throw me out. Let me try again, okay? I'll be better." It's not just that he doesn't want to spend another night in the cold. It's that he knows that this has to happen some time and he'd rather it be someone handsome and kind that he won't hate forever than someone ugly and old and horrible who frightens him.

"Stop, darlin', stop," Tennessee says, brushing his big hand over Charlie's curls. He's rocking him slightly, holding him close. "Listen, you done real good. Got me real hot. You're pretty, you're real good. I ain't gona throw you out. You ever done this before, darlin'? With a boy, like this?"

Charlie shakes his head. If Tennessee had just kept going, he wouldn't be falling apart like this. He would have suffered through it and cried afterwards. It's his kindness that's getting him-- the soothing words and the big rough hand in his hair. He sniffles. "No."

Tennessee nods, and he kisses the top of Charlie's head. "I'm sorry I hurt you, darlin'. Why you doin' this? You real set on makin' your livin' this way? Ain't got nothing else?"

Charlie's tears are slowing. He strokes a hand down Tennessee's chest and raises his face, looking up at him. His cheeks are a little splotchy and his lips are flushed, but he's still terribly pretty. He licks his lips. "I can't think of anything else. I... I haven't got..." He shakes his head. "Anything."

Tennessee nods, brushing his hand over Charlie's curls. "There are other things, darlin', but if you're dead set on doin' this... You gotta get used to it sometime. I hear it always hurts a little at first, even if you go slow. I don't know, I never been on bottom myself. But if someone's gotta do it, we will. I'm gona go real slow, an' take care of you, okay? You gotta talk to me, though. You gotta tell me if I'm hurtin' you. It's real important. It's no good, if you're gettin' hurt. I got other boys I can be rough with, but me an' you are gona go slow, okay?"

Charlie's hand is against Tennessee's chest, fingers curling and uncurling slowly, stroking absently. He's not kicking him out. He's not sending him away. He's going to take care of him. He nods. "Okay." His eyes lower to Tennessee's lips and then move back up to his eyes. "Thank you," he adds softly, traces of his tears still on his cheeks.

Tennessee lifts his hand, brushing his rough knuckles gently over Charlie's damp cheek, wiping away those tears. "You think you can forgive me for hurtin' you? I never wanted to do that."

Charlie nods, his hand moving down to rest in the crook of Tennessee's elbow. "Forgiven. You didn't know. I didn't... d-didn't want you to know. I thought you wouldn't be interested." His thumb strokes his forearm. His face is tipped up, looking up at Tennessee. He leans up a bit, pressing a soft, salty kiss to Tennessee's mouth, fitting his lips against his lower lip. His hand moves up to touch Tennessee's cheek. He means this kiss.

Tennessee returns it, his touches gentle now, without bites or any sort of demands. If Charlie has to do this, then there's no one Tennessee trusts more to try not to hurt him than himself. He knows that he'll do his best. Others wouldn't be so caring. He plucks his lips away from Charlie's, and then presses another soft kiss to the corner of his mouth. "You alright, peaches? You wana get started, or take a little break? You tell me, you chose the pace, alright? Outcome's the same for me either way."

Charlie smiles. It's almost his full smile. Almost back to normal. "I'm alright." He slides his arm around Tennessee's neck, bringing his face forward to kiss him again. He lets the kiss linger a moment, then leans back, pulling Tennessee down with him. His thighs part, letting Tennessee's hips settle between them. His heart is beating like a bird against a cage.

Tennessee follows him down, and he kisses him, wanting to warm him up with it - get his body going, get his blood humming. It's a slow kiss, his tongue sliding into Charlie's mouth. He pushes up after a long few moments of kissing, and reaches to his nightstand. He pulls open the drawer and takes out a condom. He hadn't bothered the first time. Doesn't care if he catches something, and Charlie didn't tell him he had to use one. But now, he holds it up. "You know what this is, yeah?"

Charlie looks at it and nods. He'd learned about them in health class. Back when he'd gone to school. He looks back up at Tennessee's eyes, studying them. His eyes are completely trusting. "It's a condom."

"Yeah. You gota tell guys they need to use these, okay? Don't let anyone fuck you without one, even if they offer to pay you more. Listen, darlin', you're gorgeous. If one guy turns you down 'cause he don't wanna wear one of these, it ain't the end of the world. You can walk three feet and find someone new. No matter what someone says - they say they're clean, it don't matter. Don't let 'em fuck you without a condom. You got me?" Tennessee says it all very seriously. He doesn't even use condoms. But it's different, for Charlie.

Tennessee wasn't going to use one before. Before he'd found out that Charlie was... new. Charlie looks at the condom again and then back up at Tennessee. "Okay." He wonders if it's true-- if he's really gorgeous enough to get the type of john that he wants, or if Tennessee's just being nice because he cried.

"Good," Tennessee nods, and leans in to kiss Charlie softly, fitting his lips to Charlie's. He opens the condom, and then goes up onto his knees as he rolls it on, showing Charlie. He moves back in, and slides his hand along the outside of Charlie's thigh, shifting it gently. He reaches for the bottle of lube, and a moment later he pushes his fingers into Charlie, slow this time. Preparing him, so it doesn't hurt as much. Other people won't do this for him. Tennessee knows that. He feels the overwhelming urge to protect Charlie, but he knows that he can do nothing for him. "You tell me if I hurt you now. It can feel real good, once it stops hurtin'," Tennessee says. To prove it, he seeks out a sweet spot in Charlie, his fingers working inside of him.

Charlie's cheeks flush, but this time it's not from anxiety or embarrassment. It's pleasure. His lips part and he breathes out a moan, legs shifting further apart, allowing Tennessee more access. Tennessee's fingers hit that sweet spot from just the right angle and Charlie's body jerks faintly. "Oh." He moans a little louder, licking his lips.

Tennessee nods, nuzzling at Charlie's neck, kissing his skin with his chapped lips. He draws his tongue over Charlie's neck, and sucks lightly on his jaw. He takes his time, lets Charlie get used to his fingers. "Tell me when it don't hurt you at all no more," he murmurs, as he finds that sweet spot again.

Charlie's body is relaxed around Tennessee's fingers. He's reveling in it, letting the waves of pleasure lap at him. It's a pleasure he hasn't really felt before. New. And when the pleasure completely overcomes the pain, when the pain is forgotten, he nods, speechless for a moment. He licks his lips. "More," he whispers. He finds his voice, moaning softly. "I want more of you." His hand digs up into Tennessee's hair.

Tennessee closes his eyes, breathing a bit hotly against Charlie's neck. It's going to be painful, going slow with this boy. He's going to want to move hard and fast, going to want him too much. He calms himself down before he moves, lets the initial jolt of those lusty words wash over him. He'll be too rough otherwise. He moves finally, and draws his fingers out of Charlie. He lines his hips up with Charlie's, and he starts slow, carefully. His lips are against Charlie's ear. "Stay relaxed," he murmurs. "Don't tense up, darlin'."

He does start to tense up. His fingers close around Tennessee's wrist, tight, and then begin to relax. His body loosens. Surrenders. He arches slightly, head tipping back, curls getting rumpled against the pillow. He moans, a bit broken in his throat. "God... Tennessee... I can feel..." He shudders faintly, panting. "Everything," he breathes.

Tennessee moans against Charlie's ear, breathing a bit heavy. He's controlling himself, bearing down in a way he isn't used to. He's slow as he moves in, and stops when his body is fully lined up with Charlie's. He waits, letting Charlie's body adapt to the feeling of it. "You alright?" he asks softly. "You still with me, peaches?"

Charlie's legs move higher up on Tennessee's sides. His arms slide around him, fingers gliding down his back. He shifts, lets his body stretch and fit to Tennessee. He licks his lips. "I'm with you," he whispers, breathless.

"Good," Tennessee murmurs. He starts to move his hips slowly, rocking into Charlie. Careful, even. Not too deep. Not yet. He nuzzles Charlie's throat, kisses his skin. "Tell me... ah. Mm, darlin' tell me if I hurt you."

It does hurt-- faint stinging shocks. Pressure. But it doesn't hurt like before, so he doesn't stop him. It's not enough to stop. Charlie tips his head back, moaning softly, his hips shifting against Tennessee's faintly. Meeting his movements. He brings his face down, finding Tennessee's lips. He kisses him. Whiskey and cigarettes, but he doesn't mind at all. He sucks gently on his lower lip and lets it slide free. "Don't stop," he whispers, and this time he means it.

Tennessee is panting a bit, his lips against Charlie's. His movements find a rhythm, start moving a little deeper. He's still gentle, but he has a pace, and he's finding that sweet spot inside of Charlie again. His hand slips between them and finds him, wrapping around him and stroking with the same rhythm as his hips. It's not going to be like this with the other men, Tennessee knows - they'll use Charlie, and might hurt him. But not Tennessee. He wants Charlie to know how beautiful sex can be, so he can recognize when someone is abusing him with it, when someone's hurting him.

Charlie's lips part against Tennessee's. He gasps at his touch-- lets out a low moan. His hips arch up toward his hand, fingers curling and uncurling against Tennessee's back. He's a ripple beneath him-- raw, sweet pleasure. He wants it to last forever, to stretch and linger. But he feels something warm building in him, coiling low in his stomach. "Tennessee," he whispers, breathless. "Don't stop... Oh, don't stop." He moves against him a little faster, taking him a little deeper, arching. "Oh... God." He arches again. "Tennessee... I'm going to... Ah." He break rushes over him, making his body curve up off of the bed, his hands going to the sheet on either side of him. He moans, shuddering, and sucks in a desperate breath.

Tennessee isn't quite at his breaking point yet, and he doesn't stop - keeps moving into Charlie, even after he's wrung out the last of Charlie's climax and his hand has moved off of him. Moving at this slow pace, it takes Tennessee a bit longer, but eventually he feels it hit him - buries his face in Charlie's curls and loses his rhythm, his movements going a bit desperate before he breaks, groaning and panting in Charlie's ear. He stays still as he feels himself winding down, breathing heavy still, his elbows on the bed on either side of Charlie supporting his weight. He breathes out, and then kisses Charlie's ear softly. "You okay, peaches?"

Charlie licks his lips. He winds his arms around Tennessee, turning his face to find his lips. A kiss, sweet and slow. One hand digs up into Tennessee's hair. His lips break with his and he nods, his cheeks and throat still flushed with the pleasure of it. Feeling Tennessee's body inside of him, feeling his climax was almost like having a second of his own. He likes it. Likes that he was able to do that for Tennessee. "Thank you," he whispers, and he kisses him softly again. He feels beautiful. Clean. He knows it won't last forever, but he has it tonight.

Tennessee lets the kiss linger, lifting a hand to touch Charlie's curls. He moves away after a long moment, but it's only to take off the condom and drop it in the garbage before he grabs the blankets at the foot of his bed and pulls them up around them, sliding his arm over Charlie and kissing the corner of his mouth. "You gona take care of yourself out there, peaches? Stay sweet an' beautiful like you are now?"

Charlie smiles, curling up against Tennessee and sliding a hand along his arm. "Yes," he murmurs. "As best I can. They won't all be like you. I know that. They won't all be handsome and kind and care about how I feel." He closes his eyes, fingertips stroking softly at Tennessee's arm. "But I'll have this." And when he's with someone who's not as handsome and kind, he can think of this. Remember this. This time when he was sweet and beautiful and someone held him. It will be okay then.

"You always got me, alright darlin'?" Tennessee murmurs. "It gets too cold out there for you, you need a hot shower an' a place to sleep, you come here. Any time. You hear me? I got a sofa that's all yours if you need it. Sweet boy like you, you should always have a place to go when shit gets rough."

Charlie opens his eyes, turning his face to look at Tennessee. He smiles and kisses Tennessee's cheek softly, sweetly, then curls in close to him again, tucking his head under Tennessee's chin. He wraps his arms around him. "Thank you, Tennessee." He believes him. Everything he says, he believes. He squeezes him tight for a moment, affectionate, then relaxes a bit.

"Jus' promise me you'll stay this way," Tennessee says, brushing his fingers through Charlie's curls and closing his eyes. He feels heavy and sleepy, but he's still mumbling. "So damn sweet, peaches. I'd take care o' you if I could, but I'm no good."

Charlie can feel Tennessee getting heavier, can feel him sinking into sleep. He strokes the small of his back softly, then moves his hand up to slide his fingers through the hair at the nape of his neck, putting him to sleep. He smiles. "You're good, Tennessee," he whispers. He can tell.

Tennessee shakes his head faintly, but then his lips part and he slips into sleep. That grainy old country music is still playing faintly in the living room, the tape deck on a loop. Tennessee's bedroom is dark, though light filters in faintly through the window from the streetlamp outside. It's from this window that there comes a sudden sharp click, and then another. The sound of pebbles being thrown up at the second-story window, hitting the glass with little snaps of noise.

Charlie's not asleep. He opens his eyes at the sound of the pebbles hitting the window, turning to look at it. He looks at Tennessee, who's sleeping with his mouth open a little, face lit by the light coming in through the window. Charlie smiles. He looks adorable. He hears another stone hit the window and pushes the blanket back, sliding carefully out from under it and pulling a pillow into his place so that Tennessee doesn't wake up. His clothes are in the other room. He glances around the bedroom and grabs an old shirt of Tennessee's off the floor, shivering a bit as he tiptoes over to the window. He peers around the edge of it.

Down under the streetlight, he can recognize Nicci standing on the sidewalk - looking up at the window with his dark eyes narrowed, his hair messy and hands in the pockets of his too-big coat. He tosses another pebble up, not able to see Charlie near the window.

Charlie grins when he sees him. He steps further into the window, his bare chest framed in it. He bites his lip and waves faintly at Nicci, unsure that he can see him, then holds up a finger to indicate that he'll be down in a moment. He turns from the window, unthinking, a bare hip and the curve of his backside barely showing before he vanishes from sight. He goes into the other room, the room where he'd undressed. He's trying to be quick and quiet at the same time, not wanting to wake Tennessee. He drops Tennessee's shirt on the floor and slides into his jeans, fastening them. He pulls on his coat without putting his shirt back on, wrapping it around himself without buttoning it, and slides into his boots without tying them. He tiptoes over to the door, opens it, and slips out silently, creeping down the stairs. He comes around the building to meet Nicci, his breath making mist in the cold air.

Nicci breathes out when he sees Charlie, finally feeling his tension leave him. He comes in and kisses Charlie's cheek lightly. "How did it go?" he asks. "Was he a good john? Are you okay?"

Charlie untucks his hand from his side, reaching for Nicci's hand. He smiles at him. "You found me again." He squeezes his hand. "He was a good john. He was... perfect, I think. I... it was awful. Just at first, though. I was so scared, and I was shaking and... and everything was wrong. But he didn't seem to notice. And then he... he..." He makes a gesture with his other hand, causing his coat to fall open and show his bare chest. "And it hurt. It hurt so so bad. And I... I kind of shouted." He furrows his brow. "And I started crying. And then... he was really nice, and everything was okay. He's asleep now." It's the most Charlie's strung together in weeks, probably.

"Oh, it hurts so bad at first, Charlie," Nicci nods, frowning and squeezing his hand lightly. "Did he stop? Are you okay? Did you bleed? I bled. It hurt. But it stops hurting, really. Sometimes it still hurts just a little, but not much anymore."

Charlie shakes his head. "I don't think so. I don't think I bled, I mean. He... he stopped, and then he asked me if I wanted to take a break or start again, once I calmed down. And he started again and he went really slowly and he was very gentle. As gentle as he could be. It still hurt, but not as bad as... as that first." He looks down at the sidewalk and nudges a pebble with his toe. "He told me I could come back if it got too cold."

"That's nice of him," Nicci says quietly, and brushes his thumb along Charlie's hand. "So you're okay? Are you sure? I was worried. He's letting you stay the night?"

Charlie nods, looking up at Nicci again. "I'm okay." Something occurs to him then. "Have you... did you stay around here all night? Did you find someone?" He doesn't like the thought of costing Nicci money. His brow furrows at it. "Do you have somewhere to stay tonight? Maybe Tennessee would let you sleep on his couch. He's very nice, and if I told him you were my friend..."

"I... yeah. I asked a boy I knew went home with him before to tell me where the place is," Nicci says. "So... so you're definitely okay, right? I'll be fine, out here. I don't want to piss off your john, just in case, especially not if he's going to be a regular."

Charlie's brow is still furrowed. He pulls his coat closed, wrapping it around him again, and draws Nicci closer by his hand. "Are you sure? He's... he's nice." He doesn't like the idea of Nicci spending a night in the cold. Especially since it's because he was worried about him. He doesn't like that thought at all. He rather likes the thought of Nicci coming upstairs and being warm. Even more, he likes the thought of Nicci being in bed with him and Tennessee, all of them snuggled together. It's a nice thought.

"It's not a good idea, Charlie," Nicci says quietly. "You should probably get back before he notices you're gone, okay? I don't want him to get mad."

Charlie bites his lower lip. He lets it slide free. "Can I..." He starts to ask if he can find Nicci in the morning, but he stops. He doesn't want to sound to clingy, too needy. He licks his lips and looks down at the ground. He nods and looks back up at Nicci, smiling faintly. "Okay."

"When you get out, come meet me. I'll be on the boardwalk somewhere," Nicci says, and then leans in to kiss Charlie's cheek again. "Be safe, Charlie."

Charlie closes his eyes at the kiss, then opens them again when Nicci pulls back. He smiles faintly at him and nods. "I'll find you. Be safe," he returns softly. "Good night, Nicci. Thank you for coming to check on me."

"Good night," Nicci says, and slips his hand from Charlie's. He smiles at him, that sweet grin marked by his dimples, and then turns away and heads in the direction of the boardwalk to find a place to sleep.

Charlie wraps his arms around himself against the cold, watching Nicci go. He turns, once Nicci's turned a corner, heading back around the building and carefully walking up the stairs. He slips through the door again, shutting it behind him. He slides out of his clothes, leaving them on the couch, and tiptoes back into Tennessee's room, shivering a bit. He pulls the blanket up and slides underneath it, moving the pillow out of the way and fitting against Tennessee again, curling up against him. He closes his eyes.

"Mm, peaches," Tennessee murmurs, though he's not really conscious. He pulls Charlie a little closer, and nips gently at his cheekbone. He settles back in to sleep, breathing deep and even.

Charlie smiles. He turns his face, nuzzling the hollow of Tennessee's throat affectionately, then settles back in. He sighs softly, listening to Tennessee's heartbeat. Warm for once.