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16 February 2008 @ 08:01 am
Charlie and Nicci make breakfast (and Tennessee eats it)  
Who: Charlie Dickens, Nicci Ingres, Tennessee Williams
Where: Tennessee's apartment
When: When Charlie was staying with Tennessee

Charlie's nose twitches a bit. Twitches again. He makes a face and reaches a hand up, rubbing his nose with clumsy, half-asleep fingers. He sniffles and turns his face, trying to sink back into sleep, but it's no use. Now that his body knows he's awake, he has to go to the bathroom. Traitorous bladder. He pries his eyes open and sits up, blinking sleepily. Somehow, he's twisted around in his sleep, lying sideways on the bed with his head on Tennessee's stomach, one leg hanging off of the edge of the bed and the blankets all tangled up. He's not entirely sure how it happened. He looks at Tennessee, who's still asleep, and yawns, scratching his head. He wriggles out from under the blankets and crawls to the edge of the bed, reaching for some jeans. He narrows his eyes at them and blinks, trying to decide if they're his. Probably not. He tries again and comes up with a pair of old pajama bottoms. Tennessee's, really, but he's sort of adopted them. He pulls them on and stands, then tiptoes across the room, doing a little potty dance as he does. He opens the door and shuts it behind him.

Nicci has trouble sleeping past sunrise on most days. Today is one of those days. He's sitting up against the arm of the sofa, drawing in a pad of paper he found on the coffee table, and he looks up when Charlie comes out and blows him a kiss good morning.

Charlie gives Nicci a sleepy little smile, then dances over to the bathroom. He shuts the door behind him. It only takes a moment for him to emerge again. He yawns again and scuffs over to Nicci, looking down as he ties the tie on the pajama pants. They're still too large, hanging low on his bare hips. They're too long for him too, the cuffs entirely covering his feet and folding a bit under them. He walks over to the couch and drops onto it, dragging one of the blankets Nicci had slept with over himself and lying down, nudging the drawing pad away with his head and resting his head on Nicci's lap instead. "G'morning."

Nicci smiles, setting aside the pad so that he can drag his fingers through Charlie's hair affectionately. "Well you certainly had a wild night," he laughs. He heard quite a lot of it - Tennessee's walls aren't very sound-proof.

Charlie smiles, blushing a little and turning his face to Nicci's thigh as if he's trying to hide. He rolls onto his back, looking up at him. "Sorry."

Nicci shakes his head, fingers scratching lightly at Charlie's scalp. "Don't say sorry. It doesn't bother me. I'm glad you're banging a hot boy," Nicci says. His smirk widens then, and he lifts a brow. "Who, if you recall, doesn't sleep with any of the other boys a second time."

Charlie bites his lip, smiling. He lets it slide free. "I recall." His smile widens to a grin, cheeks flushed with pleasure. "He told me that I should pretend to stay sick so I could stay with him a little longer."

Nicci laughs a little, and then leans in to kiss Charlie's lips upside-down, Nicci's back against the arm of the sofa and his face above Charlie's. "You absolute fox. I told you he's hot for you. I'm always right, you know."

Charlie laughs softly and sits up, looking at Nicci right side up. "Well, it was right after he... you know. So it was probably hormones." He's practically glowing though, he's so pleased with it. "Did you sleep alright?"

Nicci nods, drawing his knees up to his chest and wrapping his arms around them. "Once you two quit rattling the headboard, yeah. It's a very squishy couch," Nicci grins, and pats the sofa cushion.

Charlie scoots close to Nicci. They're always close-- impossibly so, it seems. They have some ability to defy physics and occupy the same space at the same time. He wraps the blanket around both of them. "I'm sorry I didn't say goodnight." It's a very sincere apology. "We were just in the kitchen, and... things... yes. They heated up pretty fast."

"It's alright," Nicci laughs, shaking his head. "Baby, you were getting laid. No goodnight needed." He reaches out, brushing back Charlie's hair. "He's good to you. I like him. You can keep him."

"Mm. Good. I'm glad you approve." The truth is, if Nicci didn't approve, Charlie would seriously consider being rid of Tennessee. Nicci takes care of him. His opinion means a lot to Charlie. Charlie raises his hand, taking Nicci's hand and pressing it to his cheek, nuzzling against it and closing his eyes. "Wouldn't have him if it weren't for you, you know." He opens his eyes, smiling softly at Nicci.

"All I did was take you to a bar," Nicci says, shaking his head. "You wooed him by being so damn sweet," Nicci giggles, imitating Tennessee's low southern drawl with the last words.

Charlie grins. It's a pretty good imitation. He lets go of Nicci's hand and reaches out, sticking his fingertip in one of his adorable dimples. He giggles in return, leaning toward Nicci, his hand opening against his cheek cradling it. He presses a kiss to his other cheek-- a bit fiercely affectionate, and then nuzzles his cheek. "Hey." He pulls back. "Do you want to make breakfast? We can surprise him when he wakes up."

"Us? Make breakfast?" Nicci laughs, lifting his brows. "Do we know how to cook anything? Are we going to burn his apartment down?"

"Um... no?" Charlie giggles. "No to the first one definitely, and hopefully no to the second one. How hard can it be to make breakfast though? We could make..." He wrinkles his nose, looking thoughtful. "We could make pancakes, maybe. Or we could try and make... French toast?"

"Alright," Nicci says, shrugging and glancing towards the kitchen. He's never cooked in his life, but he's willing to try. "Do you know how to make any of those things? Let's give it a shot. You know, we should really just make steak for breakfast. I bet he'd like that best. He seems like the type of guy who only eats great big slabs of steak. Or drinks a glass of raw eggs for breakfast or something."

Charlie giggles at the thought. "Actually, I don't think he really eats breakfast. He cooks for other people-- me or Lulu-- but he doesn't really cook for himself." He scratches his head thoughtfully. "I wonder if he has steak. I don't know how to cook a steak, though. Hmm." He gets up off of the couch, hoisting his pajama pants up. "C'mon." He holds out his hand to Nicci. "Let's go see what ingredients we have."

Nicci takes Charlie's hand, letting him pull Nicci up off the sofa. He heads towards the kitchen with Charlie, tucking a finger in the waist of the pajama pants that Charlie wears and tugging on them. "You could make like five regular-sized pairs of pants out of these, you know."

Charlie looks down at the pajama pants and then at Nicci with a little smile. "They're comfortable. Don't tug too hard, you'll pull them down." He laughs and tugs them back up. He walks to the refrigerator and opens it, leaning down to peer inside. He pulls out a carton of eggs and opens it. Three eggs. "How many eggs do you think you use for pancakes? Maybe we can make some scrambled eggs, too. Or fried eggs or something." He reaches for the carton of milk and shakes it, then opens it up and sniffs it. He holds it out to Nicci. "Does this smell okay?"

Nicci takes it, sniffing and then checking the date. Still a few more days on it. Nicci nods, handing the carton back to Charlie. He opens a cabinet, rooting around, and then makes a pleased sound and comes out with a box. "Blueberry muffin mix. I bet we can make pancakes with it. Pancakes are just flat muffins, right?"

Charlie nods. "Oh, yeah. How many eggs are supposed to go into it?" He's rooting around in the fridge for bacon or something. He finds hotdogs. He straightens, giving the package a long, thoughtful look.

Nicci purses his lips, reading the ingredients. "One?" he concludes, after a long while. He's a slow reader - one of the other boys taught him, but he's never been all that great at it. "Here, you read it," Nicci decides after a moment, holding the box out to Charlie.

Charlie turns to him, reaching out for the box. He reads the directions-- the ones for muffins, completely neglecting the other recipe on the side of the box for blueberry pancakes. "One. So we can make eggs for him too." He looks at Nicci. "Are hotdogs made out of pigs?"

"Oh my god, I have this john who works for a meat packing factory," Nicci says, grabbing Charlie's arm. "And he talks about meat the entire time we fuck, and hot dogs are made out of cow brains. I swear to god."

Charlie looks horrified. "What? No. What? Who... WHAT? That's..." He turns to the fridge, looking at the hot dogs, then turns away. He goes to the counter and opens a drawer, pulling out an oven mitt. He sets the muffin mix down on the counter and returns to the fridge, reaching in with his covered hand and picking up the package of hot dogs. He makes a face and goes to the sink, holding the hot dogs as far away from himself as he can. He opens the cupboard under the sink and throws the hot dogs in the trash can there, then closes the cupboard and does a shuddering little dance away from it. "Yuuuuugh. Yuck." He wrinkles his nose and gives another little shiver. Charlie goes back to the drawer that he'd gotten the oven mitt out of and takes an apron out. It takes a little bit of digging before he finds a second one. He puts one on himself, covering his bare chest, and ties it around his waist. He pulls his pajama pants up again and goes to Nicci, putting the other apron on him and circling around to his back, tying it. "He talks about meat?"

Nicci nods solemnly, his eyes a bit wide, touching his stomach absently. "He does. He's all like-" Nicci makes a rather bloated face and starts to thrust his hips, imitating his john. "'And then you gotta strip the bone, see, 'cause the marrow leaks out otherwise mmphmphh. Like a thigh bone, that's just full of marrow, you ever had bone marrow soup? Ooo baby.' Like he's talking dirty or something."

"Eeeew." Charlie makes a face. "That's disgusting. How do you even...? Ew. I haven't had anyone do something like that yet. There was one guy who wanted me to talk in German. He gave me a vocabulary sheet. That was kind of weird." He moves to the cabinets, opening them in search of a bowl to mix the pancakes in. He finds a bowl and a pan to cook the pancakes in.

"German? That's not too bad," Nicci says, giggling a bit at the idea of a vocabulary sheet. "You'll get some really weird ones eventually. People can hire hookers to do the things they're too scared to ask real people to do. The scariest one I ever got was this guy who asked if he could eat me. I was out of there so fast. He said he wanted to be 'one' with someone."

Charlie stares at him for a moment with a bewildered look on his face, holding the muffin mix poised over the mixing bowl. "He asked if he could eat you? Seriously? That's... was he expecting you to say yes?"

Nicci nods, snickering and opening another cabinet, looking for anything else they can add to their breakfast. "Just like, one of my toes or fingers or something. He was going to pay me a few thousand for it. He says it's a mystical union. I was going to mystical union my knife with his face." Nicci climbs up onto the counter, pulling open another cabinet and taking out a container of honey, looking at it thoughtfully.

"That's the creepiest thing I've ever heard." Charlie rubs his arms. Little chills. He's glad he hasn't run into someone like that. Not yet, anyway. There was the German guy, but the rest of them have been pretty standard. And Tennessee. Tennessee's not quite standard. He looks at the container of honey. "Hmm. We could... add that to the pancakes, maybe. He likes sweet stuff." Charlie raises his eyes to Nicci's face and grins. He's one of the sweet things Tennessee likes.

Nicci laughs, wiggling his brows playfully. He hands the honey over to Charlie, and then keeps rooting around in the cabinet, balanced on his knees on the edge of the counter. He takes out a bottle of syrup, putting it down on the counter, and then studies a container of Christmas tree shaped sprinkles. "That's why I gave you that knife to keep in your shoe. To deal with creeps like that. Some guys might get fresh and not want to pay you. You don't let them hit you, right? Even if they offer extra?"

Charlie shakes his head as he pours the honey into the pancake batter. It's a little thick. He adds more honey thinking maybe it will thin it out a little. And the a little more just because honey tastes good. He stirs it into the batter. "Nobody's asked." He looks over at Nicci and then looks at the sprinkles. He stops stirring. "Oh. We should add those."

Nicci shakes them, wiggling his hips a bit, and then giggles and passes the container down to Charlie. He closes the cabinet, and then shifts to sit on the counter, thin legs dangling off the edge. He watches Charlie, shaking dark hair back from his eyes. "Never let anyone hit you, alright? Even if they say they'll keep an open hand, once they get started..." Nicci knows. He tells Charlie to always use a condom, not to take any pills or powders, not to let anyone hit him, but Nicci does all of those things. If someone dangles an extra dollar over his nose, Nicci will let them do whatever they want. Just like Max taught him to.

Charlie adds a good dose of the sprinkles to the batter. He nods. He assumes that if Nicci tells him not to do something, Nicci doesn't do it either. He doesn't consider for a moment that Nicci would let someone hit him for money. He's probably just heard about it. Someone else warning him. He keeps stirring the batter. "It would be better if they were hearts, but they're still pretty cute." He grins and leans toward the pan, holding his hand over it to make sure it's hot. He dumps some of the batter into the pan and stares at it. He looks at Nicci. "How do you know when it's done?"

Nicci purses his lips, watching the pan thoughtfully. "I think... when they're solid. And more brown. I think you're supposed to flip it over, too."

"But how do you know when to turn it over?" Charlie looks at the pancake again, then looks at the clock. "We'll wait five minutes. It should be done after five minutes, right? And then we'll flip it over." He opens a cupboard and takes out another pan, setting it on the stove and turning it on for the eggs that he's pretty set on fixing for Tennessee. He looks at Nicci with a smile. There's a bit of muffin mix on the tip of his nose. "This is going to be the best breakfast ever." He nods decisively.

Nicci giggles and reaches out for Charlie, snagging him by his apron. "Come here baby," he laughs, drawing Charlie in between his knees. He swipes his thumb over Charlie's nose, wiping away the muffin mix, and then pulls his face in to kiss him on the lips, hands on Charlie's jaw. "You're so cute."

Charlie grins at him, raising his hands to rest on Charlie's wrists. "I'm not cute. I'm very... manly and ruggedly sexy." He giggles a bit and then takes one hand away so he can flex a thin arm. "Grawr."

Nicci giggles again, and then pulls Charlie in and wraps his arms around his head, squeezing a bit. "Oh, you stud! Take me!" Nicci says in a dramatic, breathless voice.

Charlie squeaks, laughing, and pries Nicci's arms from around his head, staggering back. "Ah! No! No man can hold me down!" He starts to say something else, and then stops, mouth open. He looks at the pancake. It smells like it's burning. "Whoops." He moves to the stove and realizes he doesn't have a spatula to flip it over with. It takes him a moment to find one. The pancake sticks to the pan when he tries to flip it over, but he eventually succeeds. It's quite burnt and patchy. He pouts at it. "Aww."

Nicci tilts his head at it, frowning slightly. "It probably still tastes good, though... I mean. We put yummy stuff in it, right?" He wants it to taste good. He knows that Charlie wants to please Tennessee.

"Well... probably. It has sprinkles in it." He looks at Nicci, though he's still pouting a little. He looks at the other pan on the stove, which is smoking a little. "Oh! His eggs!" He cracks an egg into the pan. It spreads quickly and starts to cook immediately on the too-hot surface, bubbling up and looking a bit frightening. Charlie makes a distressed sound and tries to flip it over to keep it from burning like the pancake did. It's more difficult than he thought it was. It slides off of the spatula and folds in half. The yolk breaks. "Nicci!"

"Make it a scrambled egg," Nicci says quickly, making a scrambling motion with his arm. "Scrambled eggs are yummy!" He hops off the counter, opening a cabinet and taking out a plate. He calmly tips the pancake from the pan onto it, just as it starts to smoke a bit. "Turn the fire down, they're too hot."

Charlie pokes at the egg with his spatula, scrambling it. Sort of. It just sort of breaks it up and smears it around and looks unattractive. He finally gets it flipped over, though, to finish cooking. He turns the heat down and stares at the egg. "Maybe... maybe I can put cheese on it." He looks at Nicci hopefully.

"That's a good idea," Nicci says, nodding and looking at the egg. He's trying to stay calm. Not let on that their breakfast is kind of looking like quite a mess. "That'll be delicious."

Charlie looks at the egg again. It's really ugly. Cheese will cover it. And the pancake is ugly. But maybe they'll taste good, and that's what matters-- as long as Tennessee likes it. "Cheese... cheese on the egg and sprinkles in the pancakes." He scoops the egg up on his spatula. "It'll be good, right?" He's trying to stay positive.

"It'll be good," Nicci nods, going to the refrigerator to get cheese. "It's not about looks. It'll taste good." Nicci hands the package of Kraft singles to Charlie, nodding.

Tennessee appears in the doorway then. He doesn't look entirely awake. His hair his messy, and he's shirtless, wearing only a pair of jeans. His eyes are narrowed against the light, and when he speaks, his voice is thick and rough with sleep. "Somethin' burnin'?" he drawls.

Charlie turns quickly at Tennessee's entrance. He turns so fast that the egg slides off of his spatula. He yelps and catches it in his hand reflexively. The egg has just come out of the frying pan, so it's quite hot, and Charlie yelps again, turning and flinging the egg onto the plate with the pancake quite ungracefully. He turns back to Tennessee, waving his hand a bit, trying to cool it off. His hair is tousled, messy. His apron is a little crooked, and his pajama pants are sliding off again, a bit lower on one hip than the other. "Good morning." He clears his throat. "We made you breakfast."

Tennessee sniffs again. It smells kind of... burned. Nicci lifts up his hands, shrugging a bit helplessly behind Charlie. Tennessee thinks that he probably has never seen anything more precious than Charlie right now. He grins, wide and crooked, and comes into the kitchen. He leans in, pressing a lingering kiss to Charlie's lips, pulling his pajama pants up his hip for him. "Smells delicious, peaches," he murmurs, looking over at the plate. "You gonna feed me, sweet thing?"

Charlie smiles up at him. He wipes his hand on the apron and reaches up to press some of Tennessee's more unruly hair down. He turns to the plate, looking at it. "The... the pan was too hot. Oh." He pulls away from Tennessee and takes the package of cheese from Nicci, unwrapping a slice. He scoots the egg away from the pancake with a fingertip and puts the slice of cheese carefully on the egg, then crumples the plastic up and puts it on the counter. It looks... a little better. He bites his lip and looks at Nicci, then turns and looks at Tennessee with a hopeful little smile.

"Let me get a taste o' that," Tennessee says, pulling out a drawer and then cutting himself a bite of the pancake, his arm around Charlie's waist. It tastes... like honey. And burned blueberries. But Tennessee hums, closing his eyes, looking for all the world like he's eating the most delicious thing he's ever eaten. He pulls Charlie in and nuzzles his ear, loving and affectionate. "It's delicious, darlin'. You been holdin' out on me, I didn't know you could cook like this."

Charlie grins, putting his arm around Tennessee's waist. It tastes good. That's what counts. "The honey was Nicci's idea. And there are sprinkles in it, too." He leans toward the pancake and points a long finger at a sprinkle. "See? That's a sprinkle, not a blueberry." He leans closer, narrowing his eyes. "I think."

Tennessee cuts off that piece of the pancake, trying it. "Mmm, sprinkle," he grins happily, before he cuts himself a bit of egg and cheese. That doesn't taste as burned, but it's definitely not quite... right. He shakes his head, nuzzling at Charlie's curls again, tickling his ear with snuffling breaths. "Mmm, you take such good care o' me, baby."

Charlie beams at him. He leans in for a soft kiss to his lips and brushes his fingers through his hair. He looks at Nicci and grins at him, then looks back at Tennessee. "That's the first egg I ever cooked. Nicci helped a lot with the pancake. Do you want something to drink?"

"Mmm, sure, darlin'," Tennessee says, through a mouthful of pancakes. "You can grab me a beer." Tennessee doesn't actually seem to drink anything that doesn't contain alcohol.

Charlie narrows his eyes at him and then laughs, deciding that he's not serious. He taps him on the nose and then pulls away, getting a glass from the cupboard. He pours him a glass of milk instead and sets it by the plate.

Tennessee actually doesn't have the heart to turn it down. It's kind of incredible. He drinks the milk. He takes a heavy gulp, wrapping his arm around Charlie's waist again. He's really smitten with this boy.

Charlie nuzzles at Tennessee's cheek affectionately, then kisses it softly. He reaches up, fingertips touching his other cheek, tracing down it. He makes a pleased little sound. He plants affectionate, playful little kisses along his jaw, each one accompanied with a happy little noise. He bites his earlobe and tugs on it softly, then draws back from him. He's a little in love with him. He shouldn't be, but he is.

Tennessee can't help grinning. He really can't. He's scarfing down the food Charlie made for him quickly, as if he can't get enough of it. He tugs Charlie in tighter by the arm around his waist, turning his face to him and nuzzling as he chews. Nicci watches them, shaking his head. He's going to give it about a month, two at the most, before they're married. He's never seen two people adore each other like that.

Charlie reaches up and brushes some crumbs from the corner of Tennessee's mouth. He lifts his face and kisses his mouth, fingertips tracing along his jaw. "I like you," he whispers against his mouth, barely a sound. He grins. He probably shouldn't admit that. It's a bit dangerous. But Tennessee's so perfect that he can't quite help it.

"Thas' good, darlin', cause..." Tennessee turns his face to whisper against Charlie's ear. "I like you too." He kisses Charlie's ear, then turns his face back to catch Charlie's mouth for a slower kiss, his callused fingers stroking over the small of Charlie's back.

Charlie smiles against his mouth, fingers sliding through his hair. His mouth parts against his, tongue barely touching to his lower lip before Charlie catches at it, sucking on it gently. He draws back and smiles again, cheeks flushed.

Oh, he's gorgeous. Tennessee loves the way Charlie looks at him - so sweet, so adoring. Tennessee can't help looking back at Charlie the same way. He kisses Charlie's cheek, his chin rough with stubble against Charlie's skin. "This is the best damn breakfast I ever had, darlin'. Thank you." It is. He's not lying. Sure, it doesn't taste the best, but it's still the best. Because Charlie made it for him. Because Charlie wanted to please him.

Charlie rubs his cheek where Tennessee kissed him, then rub's Tennessee's cheek. "You're all prickly." Charlie doesn't shave. He's never needed to. His fingers curl against Tennessee's cheek. "I kind of like it."

Tennessee lifts his hand, tracing his rough fingers over Charlie's smooth cheek. "You're real soft, peaches. I hate shavin'. Takes too long." Tennessee shaves with cold water and a rusty old razor that sits behind his sink in a puddle of water. It's not a good idea at all.

"Well, you can not shave today. You have my permission." He slides his arm around Tennessee's neck, lifting up on his tiptoes a little. "Can I kiss you all day?"

"Oh, you better," Tennessee smiles, both of his arms circling Charlie's waist. He leans in for his lips, stealing another warm and slow kiss. Nicci's sitting at the kitchen table looking through a clothes catalogue that came in the mail and eating crackers, choosing to ignore them. They don't really seem aware that there's a world outside of each other currently, and Nicci thinks that's kind of adorable.

Charlie hums happily into the kiss, one hand sinking into his hair. His lips kiss away and he smiles at him. "I just know I'm going to get you sick. And then I'm going to have to stay and take care of you." He brushes his nose against his. He really only has eyes for Tennessee right now. He's gazing a little. "Mm." He pulls back and looks over at the table where Nicci is sitting. He loosens his hold on Tennessee a little, but not much. "Do you want me to make you an egg, Nicci?"

Nicci looks up. His eyes are a little wide. "No thanks." He tries to say it lightly. Tennessee buries his grin in Charlie's curls, nuzzling, kissing the shell of his ear like an affectionate puppy. "Eggs make my stomach hurt," Nicci adds after a pause, though really... he saw the egg Charlie made for Tennessee, and he's not sure how Tennessee managed to eat that food.

"Mmkay. Your loss." He grins and then pulls back to smile at Tennessee. "Nicci has a really sensitive stomach." He kisses him again softly, then smiles at him and kisses him again. He raises up on his tiptoes, leaning into the kiss. "Mmmm." He kind of wants to jump up and wrap his legs around him again. He kind of wants to go take a shower with him. He kind of wants to do everything to him.

Nicci smiles at them, shaking his head. He closes the magazine and stands, glancing at the clock on the oven. "I should head out. Lunch crowd soon, you know," Nicci says, stretching a bit.

Tennessee draws back from kissing Charlie, looking over to Nicci and nodding. "Alright. Stop by again while Charlie's stayin' here, if you want. Know you two like to check in with each other."

Nicci nods, grinning, and then holds out a hand to Charlie. "I'll see you soon, okay baby?" He wants to tell Charlie not to stay away too much longer, that it's lonely without him, but he doesn't. Charlie's happy here, and he's safe. It would be selfish of Nicci to ask him to leave.

Charlie draws away from Tennessee, sliding his hand into Nicci's and moving close. He wraps his arms around him and squeezes him tightly, turning his face to kiss his cheek. "Come back and see me if I'm not back out soon. I'll be all better before you know it." He draws back a little, hands moving to cradle his jaw. "Be safe," he says softly.

Nicci nods, his hand knotted in the side of Charlie's apron, hanging on to him. "Have fun," he says, and leans in to kiss Charlie's cheek in return before he lets him go and pulls away. "Thanks, Tennessee," Nicci adds, giving him a wave as he heads for the door.

"See you 'round," Tennessee nods, reaching out to pull Charlie back in close, kissing the side of his neck as Nicci slips through the door.

Charlie watches Nicci go through the door, giving him a last little wave before he shuts the door behind him. He turns back to Tennessee, sliding his arms around his neck again. He smiles at him, nuzzling a soft kiss to his lips. "Isn't he great?"

Tennessee laughs a bit, lifting a rough hand to Charlie's cheek, pulling his chin forward for another kiss before he nods. "You two are awful pretty. Bet all the boys are after you. But I like havin' you all for myself righ' now."

Charlie grins. "I like that you have me." He wraps his arms around him and raises up on his tiptoes. He hops up, wrapping legs around Tennessee's waist and his arms around his neck.

Tennessee laughs again, supporting Charlie easily that way, kissing him because he can't help it. Charlie has such pretty lips, and Tennessee can't get enough of them. Soft and just slightly chapped. Always responsive, always willing to kiss him. "Am I your ride now?" Tennessee grins when their lips part. He takes a few galloping steps through the door of the kitchen, back into the living room, and then spins a bit with Charlie. "Where d'you wanna go, peaches?"

Charlie kicks his legs a little and laughs. He digs a hand up into Tennessee's hair, roughing through it. "I... need to take a shower. So do you, I think." He smiles a little coyly and bites his lip.

Tennessee's grin widens, showing the gap between his teeth. He nods, leaning in to nip at Charlie's jaw and then suck there softly, walking towards the bathroom with him. "Mmm... awful good idea... who knew, beauty an' brains. An' he can cook a damn good breakfast, too. What you doin' with a fool like me, peaches?"

Charlie grins and shakes his head. "The question is, what is a big rough handsome... sweetheart doing with a boy like me?" He leans in for another kiss and then lets his lips kiss off. "Hmm." He lowers his voice to a whisper. "I think maybe you should take my clothes off."

"Should I now?" Tennessee smirks, flicking on the bathroom light and then kicking the door shut. "But you look so damn cute in that apron, boy." Tennessee sits Charlie down on the counter surrounding the sink, and his hands start to untie Charlie's apron. His nose brushes Charlie's, and he kisses him again. "Why'sit that I can't keep my mouth off'a you? You put cocaine in your toothpaste, boy?"

"Mm-hmm." Charlie nods very seriously and then grins. He takes the apron off over his head and lets it drop. He leans forward, wrapping his arms around his neck again. He pulls Tennessee closer, pulling his face toward his for another kiss. This one is a little different than the others. There's affection in it, but there's also heat-- heat that builds slowly as the kiss stretches out, lingers. His mouth opens against his, tongue tangling with his, cheeks flushing a bit.

Tennessee loves it. Charlie initiating a kiss like this, Charlie coming on to him. Wanting him. Not just because Tennessee is paying him - because right now, Tennessee isn't paying him. Tennessee's hands drift down Charlie's back and then come around to the tie of his pajama pants, working it loose a bit clumsily as he won't let the kiss end in order to look at what he's doing. He moans and sucks Charlie's lip into his mouth, then gives up on the knot and lets his hand sink between Charlie's thighs, rubbing against him through the thin material.

Charlie makes a sweet, surprised sound against Tennessee's mouth, his mouth going a bit weak for a moment before he starts kissing him again with that slow, intense heat. His hips roll against Tennessee's hand, his thighs parting wider. "Yes." It's a warm little whisper against his mouth. He kisses him again, moaning.

Tennessee nips gently at Charlie's lower lip, teeth catching it and letting it slide free. His hand leaves Charlie, but only to return to the waist of his pants, pulling it down past his hips. He dips his head in to suck on Charlie's neck, his chin rough and scratchy against Charlie's skin as Tennessee sucks on the place where his neck meets his shoulder, leaving a dark flush there. His hand traces down until his fingers find Charlie, pressing into him slowly. He loves the sounds Charlie makes when Tennessee hits that place inside of him - the place his fingers seek out immediately, working against.

Charlie's head tips back. His thighs part even wider, hips shifting. He gasps, lets it out on a low moan. "Oh, Tennessee." It's breathless. He could live in this moment forever. His fingers curl in Tennessee's hair. He bites his lip, focused intensely on the feeling of it. There's a thread of a thought curling around in his mind. Tennessee's never with anyone more than once. This will be his third time. His third. He smiles faintly, teeth on his lower lip, and then gets lost in another moan. Third.